2018 Summer August 16 Thursday

Today is one of those days when I skip my walk due to my schedule.  I remember when I first read Kenneth Cooper’s book on exercise (Aerobics he called it then), he recommended you take at least one day off a week from exercise.  

Of course he was including intensive running or cycling etc. and I am sure you do need to give your muscles a chance to recover.  Anyway I figure it is probably good to take a break occasionally although my breaks always seem to involve two days rather than one!  

Since I don’t have any specific goal in mind, other than to keep walking, lifting weights etc. to maintain my health, my main concern about “taking a break” is that it could turn into a permanent break!  

However, i think my daily walk and weights are so much a part of my life, it is just a natural part of my day that I start to miss.  

A two day break is ok, after that I tend to make sure I don’t miss any more.  At times, when I caught a cold etc. I have missed up to a month or so, but have been able to get right back into it.

A Newsletter I get mentioned the future of “5G” data service (for cell phones,  computers etc.).  Of course the  raised my consciousness about it and now I see a lot about the future of 5G, which is almost here although the transition will take several years.   

I expect it will be even more cultural, social and business changing than we expect.  It got me thinking about the progress that has been made since I got my first cell phone, probably over, or bout 25 years ago.  The “bag phone” and then the big huge phones (I skipped that cycle) and than the smaller phones, “flip” phones etc.  

And of course the big one, my first 3g Apple iPhone.  I actually hadn’t intended to buy one, I was looking at an iPod and I realized how easy it was to use the iPhone and, since I needed a cell phone …..  My decision was fast on that  one!

Anyway, the progress since the first cell phone has been amazing, and, while the transition may take awhile, I think the 5G will be transforming in ways we haven’t even thought of.

With the current capacity for cameras, GPS, etc. even with 4G, I can’t even imagine what capacity there is for 5G, especially if the “total city” mesh Wi Fi becomes a standard in cities.  The possibilities are both positive and negative.   Like anything, new inventions can be used for good or evil and probably will be. 

The future is coming, are we really ready for it?  I think our laws, regulations etc. are antique and obsolete for the powerful technology available for both good and evil, and I don’t think the transition will be easy.   

I am continually surprised at the viciousness, pettiness and the amount of flat lying involved in political campaigns, even at the local level.  How can you trust someone who stoops to petty playground antics, lying and using secret “dirty money”  to “win” to be a good leader?  

That’s it for now, Thursday, August 16, 2018. 

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