2018 Summer August 17 Friday

76 degrees this morning, walk 34:14 minutes 83% humidity 

Good walk this morning, a little “damp” feeling from the high humidity, little wind.  No moon visible (saw it last night, a crescent moon).  

Sitting on the patio thinking it’s not really hot, but without any breeze, I can feel the humidity.  

For one of the first times in probably 4 years, I walked my entire walk and didn’t cough a single time.  (Of course I did cough as I wrote this.)  

Pace was one second faster than my goal. Not much, but a “beat is a beat”!

I picked up a new term recently, “dirty electricity”.  I am getting a book by the same name and it will be interesting to read about it.  I looked up the term on the internet and found the term is actually in wide use, so it will be interesting to read the book.

Anymore, I have gotten very open to the idea of the misuse and  abuse of power in the meaningless attempt by big business to get another billion $ for 5th and 6th houses and planes etc., and by politicians for even more “power” and “contributions”  even if they are unethical and kill consumers in the process.  

An obvious example is the crooks in the pharmacy industry who ought to be in jail for murder for killing people by exorbitant increases in prices of vital life saving drugs without any basis for the price increase.  

Anyway, I fully realize most  businesses aren’t that way, but it has made me much more open to theories I used to ignore.  

Something I used to believe (and still do, within reason) is that “when there’s smoke there is fire”.  I used to say that a lot about bureaucratic organizations when I heard rumors that were hard to believe.  About 90% of the time the cliche was true, at least in part.  

Now that is a petty, tyrant who thinks the world is a playground where a coward president thinks he can bully people and steal whatever he wants for his donors and lobbyists and his bankrupt companies, I have to consider anything  

Of course, by now, I blame the coward  Senate and House of Representatives for not having the courage to stop this lunatic thief, impeach him and lock the petty tyrant up. At the very least, curtail his powers and put them in the Congress where they should be.  

Anyway, “Dirty Electricity” will be interesting to read about. Not saying I believe or don’t believe it, but it will be enjoyable to learn about it   

I used to think the Summer went by in a kind of a slow, leisurely pace, with time picking up after Labor Day to Christmas and then the slow purgatory of Winter as I waited for Spring and Summer.

Now it all seems to fly by, except for the purgatory of Winter and even that, in rearview perspective, seems to go fast.  Unfortunately not until it is over though.  The wait is a long torturous.  I probably missed the word “torturous”, but more on that in the future.  

That’s ti for now, Friday, August 27, 2018.

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