2018 Summer August 19 Sunday

2018 Summer August 19 Sunday

76 degrees this morning, walk 34:09, 88 % humidity 

Debated walking this morning, since rain coming in.  Decided to go ahead and walk, lightning and rain started after I finished.  Looks like it may be here for awhile.

Walk itself was nice, no lightning or rain while I was walking.  

Pace was 1 second below my goal.

Start of second day of weekend.   

I think the time passing so fast reminds me again of my personal Strategic Plan. I have gotten away from it a little due to a number of circumstances, none (at least as an individual reason) ) that justified me not proceeding with my personal Strategic Plan.  

Listening to the biography of Robert Moses this morning, and they mentioned the danger of not having some type of plan.  

At one time, New York departments were busy preparing plans for a sewer plant, a park and a school, all on the same parcel of land!  

Meanwhile, Moses was building unneeded elevated expressways that also had the effect of destroying neighborhoods, wiping out the tax base of the city and costing huge sums of tax dollars that could have been more effectively used for other badly needed projects.  

So much for “Done is better than Perfect”!  Sometimes “done” is a disaster!  

Anyway, while it can be significantly overdone, I do feel that some type of “planning” is necessary and a personal strategic plan is a good idea.  

A plan can prevent disastrous false starts and intestine time and money in a false start that presents you from succeeding in areas that are important to you.

Certainly one part of a personal Strategic Plan is career or worklife, or maybe at my point of life, it should be career/retirement in the sense that after I retire from my present job, I will want something to have some type of at least a limited “work life”, even if it is part time.

So, my personal Strategic Plan will need to include a plan for a creative work presence (as opposed to a structured job) or a job.  Considering the amount of time I have left in my current job before I retire,   (I actually don’t know), I need to start preparing for a post-job life that I can keep busy at.  

Another aspect of course if money.  Fortunately I avoided the 401k scam businesses  put on their employees for the most part and have an actual pension.  May not be a lot, but at least I know it is coming!

I’ll keep working on my personal Strategic Plan.  I kind of let my work on it lapse, and I need to resume my work on it.

That’s it for now, Sunday, August 19, 2018






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