2018 Summer August 20 2018

71 degrees this morning, no walk, 76 % humidity

No walk due to a medical test early this morning.  Sitting on the patio, but with the wind, it is almost cold out here this morning.  Not unbearably cool, just cool!

Our granddaughter, Katherine, turns 16 years old today.  You really see time pass when you realize how fast children (and grandchildren and now great grandchildren) grow!  

Weekend is over already and a new week begins.  A good weekend and I know the work-week will be over before I know it and there will be another weekend.  Actually, Labor Day, the unofficial “end of summer” (at least it was when school started after Labor Day, which has been a very long time) is only two weeks away.  

I look at the Crepe Myrtle each morning and see fewer and fewer white blocks lighting up the dark as Summer starts to fade.  

I have to wonder where my time goes, I have a lot of projects I want to complete, but somehow time zips by and I don’t seem to have time to complete them!  Books to read, computer programs to lean, other “round tu it”’s’ that I need to get done!  

Thinking again about the personal Strategic Plan, I think it is even more important now.  Even though it will be (I hope) several years before I think about “retiring”, the thought brings up thoughts about what I will do.  

Actually, I have plenty to do, or that I could do, but I want to maintain at at least a few hours a day of structured work of some sort. 

I do like the idea of flexible time, but somehow time is always in short supply.  

As far as a personal Strategic Plan, I figure the best thing I can do is just start.  Just like exercise, I need to set aside a few minutes each day to work on it, and, if nothing else, just ponder about it and make some notes.  

I actually do have a “Notes” entry for the Strategic Plan and a number of notes on projects and time frames.  It is rudimentary to say the least, but at least it is a start.

Maybe this is where I need to consider the “Done is better than perfect” concept!  

It is in cases like this where i feel it is important to do “something” even if it isn’t right!   At least get started and do a little bit each day.  

However, the “little bit each day” time can quickly fill up with “little bits” that take up all your discretionary time!  Probably one of the biggest dangers is not to allow time to reflect, or to merely let your thoughts ramble without any specific plan!

On the technology front, we switched wi fi to the “Google mesh” system (they don’t actually call it that), but it is a series of “pods”.  Thus far, we really like it, I think the wi fi is a lot more even.  

I kept the Apple wi fi active also as kind of a supplement to the main wi fi.  The Apple device is now over 4 years old, how time flies!  

That’s it for now, Monday, August 20, 2018.  

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