2018 Summer August 22 Wednesday

70 degrees this morning, no walk, 88% humidity 

Still coolish for this time of year.  No walk due to schedule.

Somehow it seems even though I should have all kinds of time, I don’t seem to have time to even read or look at my e-mail!  

I know I have always heard you “make time for what you want to do”.  While I know that is somewhat true, it is difficult to “make time”!  

While the cell phone, e-mail, texting etc. actually save time, I think they also expand the universe of what you feel capable of doing, which expands the list of what you feel like you should be able to do, etc.!  

Another example is the VCR.  If we couldn’t record programs, there are many programs we simply  wouldn’t watch “live” because we aren’t around to watch it.  

Since we can record it, we can watch it anytime.  It sounds especially attractive, since can watch it in a compressed time, “living fast forward” as they say.  

Of course, this greatly expands the number of programs we want to watch (and it is possible to watch), so we expand the programs we tape, which leads to more time spent watching the programs we have taped, even if they are in a compressed mode!

It is kind of a never ending circle of increased expectations of what you can do leading to you not being able to do everything you want to do, since so much more is possible!  

I remember when all you had was a phone and mail to communicate.  If you got a letter in the mail, you figure you had at least 3 days and probably a week to respond to it!  

Now, with voice mail, e-mail, texting etc., if you don’t respond in the same day, you are neglecting someone!  With texting, most people are surprised if you don’t answer within minutes!  

Not saying all of that is bad, I enjoy the convenience, but it has sped up our lives, increased expectations as well as increased productivity. 

Of course the “productivity” part assumes employees aren’t sending jokes, chain letters and “interesting” things from the internet and wasting time that way!  Or, as I find, there is so much junk or “marketing” e-mail I waste a lot of time just trying to sort it out.  

I do wish there was a way fo blocking e-mail easier, especially the junk mail from businesses that for some reason assume you need more than one printer etc. and bombard you with e-mails anytime you merely look at an item.  

I got instructions on blocking e-mail addresses, but again it is a matter of time and it is easy to use 10 e-mail addresses to bombard you with spammy e-mail.

A related item that  has become an increasing problem is the criminals who call up with that robot voice saying there is a warrant for your arrest etc.  You know it is a scam and I just let it play out so they waste their time, but the other day I got 3 calls like that from 3 different numbers!  It is easy to block numbers, but it doesn’t seem to do a lot of good.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, August 22, 2018.

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