2018 Summer August 23 Thursday

70 degrees this morning, walk 34:25 minutes, 91% humidity 

Another coolish walk this morning, but nice.  The section of the book I am listening to (biography of Robert Moses)  ran out right as i started, and I couldn’t get the next section up (plus I am very conscious of the time I was wasting and the impact it would have on my “pace”), so I switched to music.  

Some some kind of critter on the driveway right before I walked.  It seemed to have bushy  tail, but I didn’t see a white stripe anywhere (skunk).  

Old music (it is a device I probably put the music on six years or more ago, and it was old then), but I enjoyed most of it.  

Most Apple products are very intuitive to use, but this one wasn’t one I could casually “fast forward”  or skip the song, so I had to listen to several songs I didn’t care for, but, on the other hand, I listened to several songs that I probably would have fast forwarded at first, but I found i enjoyed them.

Kind of like a lot of music, books, events and even people, sometimes you don’t like them at first and then you become a fan.  

Of course, it can be vice-versa also!

I think we live in a fast-forward world where a lot of decisions are made on very little evidence or contact and then we change our minds, so we have to be open to changes in our beliefs and feelings.  

I sit here marveling at the brightness of the white Crepe Myrtle, versus the red ones.  I can’t see the red ones at all in the dark, while the white ones just shine.  

I finished  the first four seasons of “Bosch” on Amazon. I watch it on my “lunch” hour when I am in the field and when we go to Starbucks.  Amazing how much you can accomplish even in bits and pieces, primarily about 25 minutes at a time.

Of course, when I say that I hear the voice of my Dad saying “how could you waste time like that, you could be using it for something productive”.   I also hear my response at the time. 

Unfortunately that is likely true, but life has also taught me that it is the little things like the lunch break to watch Bosch etc. that make our lives more enjoyable and may well help us accomplish more.  

Anyway, while I am waiting for the next season of “Bosch”, I am watching “the Wire”.  In spite of the language (which I personally may find objectionable, but then I can always quit watching it) and the violence, I have become a real fan.  I don’t think it necessarily shows “reality”, but it shows someone’s concept of reality.  

On the other hand, my limited experience in some aspects that part of life indicate that the language may well be part of that reality.  Hopefully not the violence, but probably so.  

Probably what I really like about it is that it portrays all of the characters in a multi-dimensional way.  There is not an attack on one person because of their defects or canonization of a person because of a good trait, it really portrays all aspects of each person.  Difficult to do I expect.

I think I enjoy it because it is a limited part of my day, usually about 25 minutes 3 x per week and an occasional hour or so several times per week.  

A break from reality, but not a break with reality. 

That’s it for now, Thursday, August 23, 2018.

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