2018 Summer August 24 Friday

81 degrees this morning, walk ——, humidity 65%  (The Apple app failed this morning and I did not get a report on my walk.)

Back to summer!  Actually it didn’t seem all that warm this morning as the temperature indicated it may be.  Probably due to the breeze, or just that I am used to the heat by now.  

The Apple Activity app for the watch isn’t working as it should this morning, so right now I don’t have any time for my walk.  Perhaps it is’t fair, but it seems as much money as they make and as much more as they pay their executives and waste billions etc. they could build something that worked all the time.  

I’m sure I will have to spend hours “resetting” etc. Why I should have to waste my time due to their defective devices and apps is always a puzzle to me  It seems they should take care of their own mistakes and defective items. 

It is true that, for the most part, it works amazingly well,  and does a lot.  Maybe they try to do do much of the “wow” factor and don’t make a really good product.  it seems that they seem to accept “good enough’ and not really try to put out a good product.

About the same as cable tv, the number of times we have to “reset” it.  As much as we pay, they should concentrate on making a better product.  

Speaking of watches, I was thinking about how our perspective on watches etc. have changed.

There has been a transition from watches that were literally designed to last for generations to watches, even the best watches, are designed for a maximum life span of five years before they are obsolete.  

I’m not real sure it that is an improvement except obviously what the watch can do.  I guess there are trade-offs!

As an example, I have a watch I have had for over 20 years that I still really enjoy wearing.  Even that is a “new” standard that operates by batteries, not by winding etc. Not that I have a problem with that.

Perhaps the true significance is not the watch itself, but who gave it to me and the event(s) it memorializes.

However, rather than mess with my phone and watch (I have reset both several times) I can always just go back to my $5.00 stop watch.  I would miss the “pace” and the distance etc. aspects, but not if I have to hassle with the watch and phone all the time just to get something that should be automatic.  

I didn’t meant to take up this entire space complaining about the inability of Apple to make a decent app or watch that worked all the time.  On the other hand, it shouldn’t even be problem.  

It should just work as advertised.  

That’s it for now, Friday, August 24, 2018. 

P.S.:  After numerous tries, the “workout” figures finally came up.  Walk was 34:17 minutes, pace was 11 seconds slower than my goal. 

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