2018 Summer August 25 Saturday

80 degrees this morning, no walk (attending conference), 55 % humidity 

The air last night had that coolish feel of Fall, in spite of the temperature and the heat of the day.

I always associate that with a time when I was in early high school, and some friends and I went over and climbed on the roof of the school.  I’m not sure why we climbed on the roof of the school, but we did.  I don’t remember anything else about it except for the coolish breeze blowing that night.

Perhaps we climbed it because it was there!  Maybe it represented some type of authority and claiming it meant something  about authority.  I honestly feel like we did it because it was there!  Or more likely we were just bored and it represented something new.  

The wifi here has that “we know better than you bug”, the message you get when you log on to wifi and you get the message “unsecure network” and it doesn’t let you on.  It infuriates me that Apple computer or someone feels they have to “protect” me from an “unsecure” network. As if I don’t know not to check my bank account etc. over a public wifi. 

A “warning” would be fine, but then blocking me from the wifi network should be (and is) illegal.  Probably a violation of my freedom of speech when I think about it.

It is strange that I have never found who or what is responsible for that message and the resulting illegal blocking of me from public wifi, even when I have VPN.  It is actually worse than China was, at least they let you log in to wifi.  (Since I had VPN I could log onto the blocked sites etc.).  

Fortunately I can “tether” to my phones to get around it.  

It is really a mystery that with all of the web sites etc. that “expose” corruption or alleged corruption, etc. that someone hasn’t investigated who is behind illegal blocking of wifi sites and why it is allowed to continue!  

Not having access to a DVR or similar is always kind of a weird feeling.  We actually have to watch commercials and boring programs.  Also, we can’t rewind to watch something we missed or fast forward through something we feel is boring or something we don’t want to watch!

While the technology doesn’t  always work as I noted yesterday, it is actually really nice and being able to fast forward through commercials, and, especially boring or objectionable  items.  

That ability to basically “choose your own news” may be what is leasing to a lot of the divisiveness in the country.  On the other hand I refuse to listen to much of what passes for “news” or waste time on items of no interest to me.  So here we are!  

That’s it for now, Saturday, August 25, 20

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