2018 Summer August 26 Sunday

82 degrees 61 degrees humidity, 33:58 minutes walk

In spite of the temperature, excellent conditions for a walk this morning, a light breeze kept it cool etc.  

Walked a little later this morning (about 30 minutes, still in the dark).  

I was thinking while I was walking, I like walking in the dark.  Of course, in this area there is very little traffic while I am walking. Most days I see no cars, probably the most I have ever seen on one morning is 3 cars.  

Also, I see very few dogs, cats or other critters, which suits me fine.  

On the other hand, while I used to bike in the dark all the time (well lit up with flashing lights etc., of course),I think I now prefer to bike in the light.  

They do have bike paths around here, but, unfortunately (for me), I have never had the experience of biking around other bikers pedestrians etc. on trails, so I keep to the streets.  Ditto with walking.  

Aliene and I were talking the other day and without thinking I mentioned how one thing wanted to do after I retire is to ride my bike more!  That is a consideration!   

Listening to the biography of Robert Moses, I am just amazed at his  abuse of power, his abuse of citizens etc..  It seems like he was allowed to abuse his power by a group of cowardly “yes people”, contractors who got jobs if they were in his good graces, news media fooled by failure to do due diligence  etc.  Sound familiar?

I think there is a true boundary to “power to get things done” and “power for power’s sake”.  The book goes into real detail on how he slipped from the desire for public good to his decision that whatever he wanted was the public good.

One aspect of the current city we live in I don’t like is the true lack of transparency in government (city and school board).  Although the city is close to 100,000 people, there is a secrecy that seems to prevail.  Nothing illegal, all of the  publications are carefully followed etc., it is just that only certain people are appointed to Boards and Commissions, a school election for literally millions of dollars for high school football stadiums was very  quietly set without any publicity etc.  I’ll check on it, but I have found information is difficult to find!!  

There may be good and valid reasons for it, but it seems there should be more publicity as to why all of this is justified. 

It reminds me with my experience of the YMCA, which is partially city and school funded, but he YMCA closed the swimming pool to the public during popular times so they could rent out to private groups for YMCA profit! 

I doubt that that was the purpose of the “public private partnership”.  

When I complained, the response was that some official at the YMCA was in charge and “what he wanted, he got”.  Strains of Robert Moses!

That’s it for now, Sunday, August 26, 2018.

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