2018 Summer August 27 Monday

82 degrees this morning, no walk, 58 % humidity 

No walk due to medical appointment. 

Wonderful morning this morning, with perhaps a slightly too strong wind.  In spite of the  temperature it is relatively cool out on the patio.  The wind may have made the walk more difficult if I had walked.

The full (or almost full) moon is hanging in the sky as it sets.  It is the 27th so apparently the full moon is generally this time of month.

Saturday we saw what I call a “harvest moon”, (it was very big and an orange color) but I checked on the internet and the only true “harvest moon” is in September, actually September 24th this year.  It is called the “harvest moon” since it puts out more light and was especially helpful to farmers trying to get the harvest in.  

Had a long dream yesterday morning I noted.  Actually had another detailed and colorful dream this morning, but didn’t get to my computer before I forgot it.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Long detailed dream about Aline and I were in some city somewhere there was a lot of hills.

We went to an area that was at this highest part of the area..  

Apparently there are a series of shops etc.  I was talking to a man about how the Civil War is frequently  so much of historical significant in some areas.

For some reason he mentioned it and then I told him about my experience in Memphis where I was at a meeting on historical features (I don’t remember the exact reason it was being discussed , I think it was historical preservation.  

Anyone of the member of he committee mentioned that in Memphis “only the Civicl War was considered history, no other historical aspects was really considered important.  (In a way he was right)

Anyway, I repeated this story to the man I was speaking to (it seemed to be someone from my Toastmasters club).

At that point someone with the restaurant came up and told Aliene she couldn’t set on the chair at the bar, she had to sit a table.  (I don’t recall the reason).  

As we left, we were in a car, or maybe a Lyft or Urber car.  I looked out and said it was surprising in the valley below the cars were driving through water even though it hadn’t been raining.  

One car, decorated like a toy race car I have from Office Depot drove out of a flood are that had covered the entire car.

I mentioned to Aliene is was strange it was flooding and then I woke up.  

Seemed to be a very lengthy, detailed dream.

That’s it for now, Monday, August 27, 2018.

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