2019 Summer August 30 Thursday

78 degrees this morning, walk 34:49 minutes, 77% humidity 

Walk this morning was good, it seemed a little more difficult, could be the humidity, could be anything.  Light breeze,  not quite a full moon is hanging almost directly overhead.  

Sitting on the patio, it  sees cooler, especially when the breeze increases.

Pace this morning was 22 seconds slower than my goal.  I didn’t think I was going that slow, but….

Now that the AAA season is over (at least as far as home games go), I was reflecting on the post-season play, which consists of the normal playoffs etc.

What is strange about it is that the Major League teams go to a “40 man roster”.  Which means all of the best players on the AAA team are called up right before the playoffs.  

It sets up some strange scenes in the play-offs, when sometimes it seems the entire team has changed, right at the most critical time.

Of course, no one can be upset, the entire reason for a the AAA is to prepare players for moving up to the Major League Baseball team. However it does make for some strange playoffs, and depends on the quality of the players called up from the AA or even A teams.  

It can make a huge difference to the players as they are paid at least the minimum Major League salary pro-rated daily.  That can easily equal their monthly pay at the AAA level (depending  on a lot of variables) every two days, plus a lot of other benefits.  

I believe it is like the AAA, AA teams etc. are a stepping stone for players moving up or a place fro transition for players moving down.  

In a way, the system makes it so no AAA team is truly stable on even transitory terms, the best players are always leaving.  

Listening to the biography on Robert Moses this morning and how he basically ruined the lives of thousands of residents because of his need to lord his “power” over people, especially people who couldn’t fight back.  

As I noted yesterday, he was unable to even hear any comments or suggestions other than what he wanted.  I blame him a lot, but I blame even more the cowardly elected officials, other bureaucrats, contractors etc. and the news media for allowing one unelected power hungry Moses to destroy the lives of thousands of residents.  

Like they say, the “Power to create is also the Power to destry”!.

I like the way Robert Caro, the author of the Moser Biography., does an excellent job of portraying the unneeded and deliberate suffering of citizens because of the the inability of advisers, the news media and others to report it.  

Thinking about the end of Summer, I know it is coming, but I will enjoy it while it is here

That’s it for now, Wednesday, August 30, 2018

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