2018 Summer August 31 2018

81 degrees this morning,  Walk 33:14 minutes, 62% humidity, 4,218 steps

Very pleasant walk this morning, light breeze (light for this area) kept the air cool in the darkness of the morning.  

the moon is again hanging almost directly overhead, slightly bigger than an half moon.  

Surprised to find my pace was 41 seconds faster than my goal, the fastest pace I have ever walked, at least since I got my Apple watch.  What is surprising, I didn’t even think about the pace I was walking.  

41 seconds faster is almost a minute per mile faster than my slowest pace, which is amazing when you think about it.  How could I vary by as much as a minute per mile?  Obviously I did. 

Hopefully the pace will continue so I can logically lower my goal.  

However, in my opinion, the time and pace aren’t all that important, they are just indicators that I am putting at least some effort into my walk.

It was pointed out to me that many people use “steps” rather than time or pace or distance, which is also a good way measure activity.  I meet many people who walk a lot in tier jobs or as a hobby and use “steps” to measure their activity.  

I decided to note my “steps” of my walk as kind of another indictor and also note my total steps for the day.  (Total steps yesterday, which was a “field day” so included walking on my job was 11,983 steps or about 5.34 miles;  On an “office day”, it will be considerably lower, but I also try to work out on the bicycle.  

I have actually been measuring my total steps for the day, I just haven’t paid a lot of attention to it.

One problem is that my watch is connected to my personal phone and I don’t always carry my personal phone to work visits, so I’m not getting all of my “steps” counted when I make field visits.  

I got a e-mail about  that many people use “Fitbit” products for measuring steps etc.,especially if other people use a Fitbit product since they can communicate with them.  (An Apple watch can also).

Actually, Fitbit is an excellent product, and I used one prior to the Apple Watch. 

In fact, I was impressed enough to buy some Fitbit stock in our  retirement accounts, based on the fact that I believed Fitbit made a good product and an inexpensive but quality product may be used more by hospitals, gyms etc. and in clothing and accessories etc.  than the more expensive Apple product.  Fortunately I didn’t buy any until it was close to it’s low, although it hasn’t reached what I think will be it’s true potential.  Of course, now Apple is also aiming at that market.  Time will tell.

Three day weekend this weekend, which I am really looking forward too!  My only regret is that it also marks the informal end of Summer with a long time until Memorial Day of 2019.

That’s it for now, Friday, August  31, 2018.

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