2018 Sumer September 2 Sunday

2018 Summer September 2 Sunday

78 degrees this morning 34:32 minutes 71 % humidity  4,632 steps 

Generally good morning for a walk.  

Nice breeze as I sit on the patio, moon is directly overhead and even to the east.  

The early Crepe Myrtles are fading, ours were late bloomers so still are blooming well. 

Pace was 28 seconds slower than my goal for the walk.  I wasn’t trying to walk fast but I am a little surprised at how slow it was.

September 2 makes exactly 4 years ago when I started my current job.  I can clearly remember my first day on the job, obviously with orientation etc.  I didn’t realize at the time how much I would enjoy it and how rewarding it would be.  

I learned a lot of about information and environments which I didn’t have any idea even  existed.  

I had been riding my bike every morning and even swimming most mornings and I don’t feel I ever got really got back into it on a regular basis again after I started working,  but hopefully I will get started again on regular biking again and at least more swimming.

During the past 4 years I have had a lot of experiences I never thought I wold have and a met a wide variety of people that has certainly enhance my life experience!  

I don’t know when I will “retire”, probably depends on a variety of factors.  

This date also marks 4 years and 3 months since we moved to this area.  As I have noted before, sometimes it seems like it has been a short time, sometimes it seems like it has been forever.  

Thinking more about my thoughts yesterday on “Apathy”. 

I think one important aspect of “apathy” is that it is hard to be “involved” when the structure  really isn’t set up to for citizens to be involved in.  

Considerations include the ability to be involved structurally, but also how comments and suggestions are treated.  

I don’t think anyone thinks that all suggestions and comments will be accepted, but there needs to be a feeling that someone is “listening”  

Obviously a mayor that makes belittling comments to citizens and attacks them (as one so-call mayor does in one city I am familiar with) is certainly promoting apathy, probably because he feels apathy will stop  people  from disagreeing with his private agenda of personal vendetta’s and and personal enrichment.  

As someone noted apathy can be considered a “vice or a virtue” by your perspective as to whether apathy allows you to do what you want without any opposition or disagreement versus truly open government.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, September 2, 2018. 

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