2018 Summer September 3 2018

78 degrees this morning 34:29 minute walk 77% humidity, 3,346 steps (9,394 total yesterday)

Walk this morning was basically good, although the humidity seemed kind of high.  I really haven’t figured humidity out yet.   Rain is supposed to come in later today, but it is clear now. 

A more or less half moon with the somewhat menacing “man in the moon” face is almost directly overhead.  I always think about the Stephen King novels when I see that moon or I see the clouds obscure a full moon as I remember phrases from his books.  

I still remember reading “It” when I lived by myself and I stayed up most of the night reading it.  I got up occasionally and checked the drains!

Pace was 5 seconds slower than my goal, close enough.  

I was surprised to find I rarely walk the standard “10,000 steps” even with my  walk in the morning, which usually is around 4,000 steps, although that includes all steps up to that time.   I guess I need to start parking further way  from my destination, or maybe walking more. When I had an area with malls, i walked a lot more on my job,  

Today, about 10 years ago (I’m not sure of the exact year, but it was on Labor Day), I took a fall on my bike and got some “road rash”.  Perhaps it made me a safer rider, realizing I wasn’t invincible after all.  What is strange is that it happed at about 3 mph or even less (I slid on a web manhole cover).  

Finished the book “Dirty Electricity”.  It was a reasonably solid book, backed up by basally a lifetime of research by the author.  

I’m not saying I necessarily believe it, but I don’t disbelieve it either.  After I have observed (or read) about documented cases of  big corporations  where “profits” are the goal regardless of the pain and suffering/death of even their own employees, I doubt that they care much about what they do to their nameless customers in the rush to get more money for a 4th home, a 5th car etc.  Sick.

Companies who deliberately pollute the environment, create earthquakes and poison our food in the name of profits aren’t going to worry about something that can’t be seen that is killing us.  I don’t mean anything against companies as such, I realize there are a lot of good ones, but certainly I have seen enough (including paying billions to politicians to get trillions in tax cuts benefiting big companies at the expense of low and moderate income taxpayers) that I don’t trust any company to “do the right thing”.  

It is not just the companies, it is organizations that “don’t want to know” about “dirty  electricity” etc. because they  are scared of the liability, which, with our legal system, is an unfortunate valid concern. 

Anyway, I’m going to take the route of the “chicken atheist” or agnostic and prepare just in case and get a “dirty electricity” meter and check!  I’ll report on this post as to my findings!

It is rather strange that the “dirty electricity” meters are also frequently also “ghost finding” meters!

That’s it for now, Monday, September 3, 2018.

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