2018 Summer September 4 Tuesday

73 degrees this morning, no walk, rain, 97 % humidity  

Relatively heavy rain all night and now, at least a continuous rain.  Apparently are result of the hurricane.  

An excellent 3 day Labor Day weekend overall.  Of course, it will seem like a “Monday” all day!

Unfortunately I have a “field day” today, and it is forecast to rain most of the day.  Rain is one thing that can make a “field day” miserable since I have to get out of the car so many times (which normally is ok) and dash though the rain.   

It is really getting scary with the lying coward lunatic “tweeting” for special favors due to political party etc. and a bunch of cowards in congress who aren’t doing their constitutional job.  The lying coward lunatic has gone over the deep end.  

His juvenile vile vicious attacks on anyone who disagrees with him and  his encouraging his cult members to attack anyone who disagrees with his ravings  is the sign of a severely mentally deranged lunatic who must be restrained.  It is unbelievable that the congress cowards aren’t doing their jobs and letting this petty tyrant destroy the country. 

This describes it as well as anything , a quote from the Washington Post:

“This is an astonishing thing to have to say about an American president, but Trump is taking a page from the playbook of totalitarian dictators: Believe only me. Reality is what I say it is. Anyone who claims otherwise is an Enemy of the People

A true disaster in the making,  “animal farm”, brave new future and “1984” combined with a petty tyrant wannabe and a bunch of congressional cowards who are not doing their constitutional duty.

For the most part, I have just started ignoring the lying coward lunatic and his insane comments.  I just ignore any stories about him,  fast forward the tv or change the radio station if the lying coward lunatic appears. 

Back to apathy, I do feel that apathy is a result of both sides.  On one side, when it is so difficult to attend meetings or obtain information on civic or governmental matters, it is understandable that citizens just kind of give up.  They have lives to lead.  

That is true especially when it is obvious that opinions are already set and it really won’t make any difference what you say, they are going to vote a certain way or make a predefined decision anyway. 

This relates a lot to my listening to the biography of Robert Moses, who turned into a true tyrant and completely ignored people, destroyed thousands, if not millions of lives by destroying neighborhoods needlessly, due to his need for power, and, again, complacent news media and coward elected officials who allow him to do it.  I get so angry listening to his antics and his abuse of his public position, I have a hard time listening to the book!  

In one apart of the book, Robert Caro relates how citizens did get involved, literally for years, trying to save their homes.  They were lied to and misled for years before they were finally ignored and betrayed and a huge highway was built through their homes based on lies and outright fraud.  

More on that in future posts!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, September 4, 2018.  

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