2018 Summer September 5 Wednesday

73 degrees this morning, no walk (rain), 94% humidity 

Rain most of day yesterday.

Today is probably the day I get my new accounts for the month, which is always interesting.  Kind of like getting a bunch of mail.  

Looking at my “personal Strategic Plan, I was pleased to note that some goals/projects have been completed, although most of them could be considered short-term in nature.  

Some of my long term projects, including “weeding” and organizing are still lagging, but at least I am developing a plan.

Of course, many of the projects are continuing projects and will, in all reality, never be finished, but are  matter of “continuous improvement’, even it if is just a little advancement.  

Learning Evernote is one of them.  Sometimes I despair of even learning Evernote and feel i am wasting money and time continuing it.  Then I suddenly find a reason I am glad I have it!

I am trying to master the “reminder function”, primarily the reminder aspect.  

I finally got to the point I use the “calendar” function on the Apple iPhone to the point it is very effective, but I never found the Apple “Reminders” to be all that effective.  Maybe I’m just not doing something right.  

Alexa reminders are good, but if I’m not in earshot it doesn’t do a lot of good, although if I checked my app, I could get reminders any time!  

Thinking this morning about how I like Siri for his personalty, much better than  Echo/Alexa.  Both of them have their advantages and faults.  Alexa (we call it “echo”) has a real problem with being too much of a sales person for Amazon, it gets tiresome.  It continuously  pushes Amazon and I think the hurts it’s image, I have to wonder about any of the information it provides, if it is slanted to Amazon.   

We got a free “Google mini” when we bought out doorbell, so I”ll get it set up and have the three major digital assistants.  

As far as I’m concerned, the Samsung digital assistant (if they have one yet)) doesn’t exist.

No matter what, Echo is a really convenient and useful device.  I assume the Google mini is just as good, hopefully Apple will come out with something similar and more advanced.  

Echo is reminding me of a task!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, September 5, 2018. 

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