2018 Summer September 6 Thursday

72 degrees this morning, no walk, rain 100% humidity  

Heavy rain yesterday, even had flood warnings last night, streets closed due to high water etc.  Fortunately we didn’t try to go anyplace.

Local AAA baseball unexpectedly made the playoffs by winning the last five games of the season, but the playoff game was postponed due to rain, not a surprise.

In the spirit of AAA, the games scheduled for last night and tonight are combined into aa doubleheader, of 7 innings each.  (In AAA, in a tied game, the extra innings start with a player on second base.)  

In a way it does emphasize that sports are merely entertainment.  

“If dogs could talk”.  I saw that this morning, something to the effect “if only dogs could talk”.

Can you imagine what a talking dog would be like?  Continuous begging, probably would hog (so to speak) the conversation, the continuous shaming and guilt inducing talk when you go somewhere without the dog or don’t include it in your activities!

Worse yet, it would probably continuously tell you what it thinks of “dog food”!  

No thanks, I feel somewhat bad about dogs not being able to communicate, I don’t think it is a good idea that they talk!  

I guess it depends if they also have the ability to understand along with the ability to talk.  Many people don’t have the ability!  

I can’t even imagine what it would like be cats to talk, or chickens etc.  I can imagine the begging as they are killed for food or other reasons.  Not a pretty thought.  Probably a lot more vegans in the world!

Fortunately, someone much more powerful than us decides such things!

The dog we had when I was a child (“Puppy”, even though he was a big dog) was grateful for anything and probably got too much attention with all fo the children around.   I can imagine him talking in a deep gruff voice about world affairs and having to exist on table scraps and chasing rabbits!  (And all of the cats around!)

Another dog I had later (“Honey” due to her color) was a nut and would try to punish us by refusing to eat when we went someplace without her!   It wasn’t a very effective tactic!   I can imagine her chattering away!  

This has been a rare occasion when it rained three days straight and prevented me from walking.  Not that it hasn’t happened before, but it is unusual.  I probably need to take steps to have some type of basic minimum amount of exercise, such as mall walking or even walking on a treadmill. 

I don’t believe there is anything more boring than walking on a treadmill or stationary bike without something to read or watch!  I’m not sure what the difference is.  I can happily walk or bike outside  for lengthy times without anything to listen to (although I do listen to books, music etc.), but it is impossible to walk on a stationary bike or treadmill without something to read or watch!

Hopefully the rain will stop or slow down, enough is enough!

That’s it for now, Thursday, September 6, 2018.

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