2018 Summer September 7 Friday

72 degrees this morning, no walk, 99%humidity.  

Rain continues, although it seems it is letting up some.  It is supposed to stop by this weekend and hopefully that prediction is true!

I have always heard about the saying about whether “a glass is half full or half empty” and it is supposed to indicate if you are an optimist or pessimist.  

I really think this is what I call “boo science”, it doesn’t really indicate anything.

Anyway, the other day I saw this question and one response was something like “I think you need a larger glass” or words to those effect.  

I always like it when someone takes a “gotcha” question like that and takes an entirely new perspective on it!  I guess you could also say “I think you need more water”.

A lot of surveys are like that.  i had a message  yesterday saying they were doing a “single question survey”.  The answer you were supposed to give obviously was designed to get a response that they could use the “survey results” for in a devious way.  

When I was in college and studying survey research, I was always a little suspicious of survey research, although I came around to realize a well designed survey could be misused extensively.

Like the “glass half full or half empty” question, a survey can be designed to get the answer the surgery taker wants.  

Speaking of phone calls, I recently received 3 different phone calls in one day from criminals purporting to have a “warrant” for me from some criminal in what they thought was a menacing voice.

Surely they can design some way to block these criminals.  

Another Friday, the work week went fast, although it was a 4-day workweek.  Sometimes for some reason the short work week seems to last forever, but this one went fast.  

Considering the current political season, I have to wonder about the voters electing someone running for office whose main bragging point is they are unqualified for the job since they have  no experience in government! 

I would certainly get very little consideration if I applied for a job on the basis that “I didn’t have any experience or qualifications for the job, but this makes me the most qualified for it!”.  

That’s it for now, Friday, September 7, 2018.

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