2018 Sumer September 8 Saturday

70 degrees this morning Walk 34:08 minus 98 % humidity, 3,315 steps

Started walk this morning in a light rain.  Almost came back, decided to walk as long as I could   The light mist stopped midway through my walk, and the I started to feel the effects of 98% humidity!  

I was thinking, if “genius is 99% perspiration”, I have a lot of capacity for “genius”!  

Actually turned into a nice walk.  I was probably more concerned about stepping in water (or worse yet a snake getting out of wet ground) than I was about the water falling.  

My shoes passed an important psychological point (for me, not for the shoes) where they are probably no longer “new” shoes since they are at about 30% of their life span, based on the expected mileage.  

Of course, that is the “lifespan” of the shoes for my daily  walk, I keep them for an extended time for casual walking. 

Pace this morning was 2 seconds below my goal, which was a little of a surprise to me.

Looking forward to Apple announcements next week.  I am happy with my Apple Watch, but I am interested in the iPhone and iPad, both of which of my are getting long in the tooth (4 years for my personal phone, 5 years for the iPad).  

Supposedly there may be an upgrade of the MacBook Air.  I really like my MacBook Air (which just passed 5 years old), but I don’t see myself buying another computer without a touch screen. 

The one possible exception is an Apple desktop, and that is many years down the road since my desktop isn’t much over 1 year old.  

Actually my 5 year old iPad is doing good for what I use it for, but I really want to get an iPad with a “pencil”, which I think I would use a lot.  

One thing I really don’t like about technology is how fast the products become obsolete.  Actually, when you break down the cost, even a $1,000 iPhone isn’t that expensive  (assuming it lasts 4 years, that is about $20 a month for something you use all the time, depending on what you use the phone for.  If you buy a cheaper phone for (say) $750, you are “saving” only about $5 per month and losing the superior capacity of the more advanced iPhone.

Makes a good excuse anyway!  

I do feel, like they say about stocks, cars, clothes etc.  I should always buy the “best quality” I can afford, depending of course  on how important the features or quality is.  

Perhaps the “sharing economy” where supposedly you rent things you don’t use all that often will change our ownership behavior where you buy something cheap if you use it rarely since you can always rent a quality item that has features you rarely use.

That’s it for now, Saturday, September 8, 2018.

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