2018 Sumer September 9 Sunday

64 degrees this morning, walk 34:52 minutes, 95% humidity.  

Cool walk this morning, dressed in “underlayment” shirt, just to be safe.  Didn’t feel that cold, but I was glad to finish the walk.  Still a few drops of rain.  

Cloudy so didn’t see sky or moon, too cold and wet to sit on patio.  I miss sitting on the patio, haven’t sat on the patio all week due to the rain/cold.  Thought about ti this morning, but it was too cold plus it had started raining again.  

Pace was 32 seconds slower than my goal, which was a little disappointing since it was cool.  Not something I dwell on, just puzzled by the relatively slow pace.

I am still listening to the biography of Robert Moses, and am just stunned at how  destructive he was for New York City, with his emphasis on “power” and his inability to keep up with the profession, and the damage he did by not considering the needs of the residents for mass transit etc.

I have always thought there was too much emphasis on highways and not enough on mass transit, or at least alternative methods of transportation.  

I was thinking this morning about Indianapolis  and how the city converted an old railroad right of way into a bike/walking trail that a lot of people used for their daily transportation.  (I do’t know how it works in the winter.)

Housing and commercial has developed along the train  showing the alternative means of transportation can be an economic development tool.

I always thought that if some of the money used for highway construction and maintenance was spent on mass transit or alternative methods of transportation, it would serve the residents a lot better.

Highways have developed a  huge lobby of persons benefiting from excessive highway construction, including politicians who use it to show “progress”, engineers, highway contractors, unions, bankers etc.  It all comes together to be a powerful lobby for funding for highways, while mass transit and alternative transpiration may have their support groups, but nothin like he highway lobby.

One thing I like about the  City I live in is they offer “free” bus service. 

Another dream. 

. Dream 9-8-18

Dream I was driving a Ferrari  race car, not a Ferrari car, but a true midget race car.  

In a strangely detached way, I was driving  it around  having the time of my life. I was more like a midget car than a race car, but I had fun with it.

Was driving around etc.when I suddenly smell ed smoke.  Smoke was coming out of he front end.  

I picked it up (remember this was dream) and the smoke stoped.  I tried to start it again. It wouldn’t start.  

I was thinking bout taking it to the dealer and thinking how much  it would cost, especially since it was a Ferrari.  

I was thinking about calling Aliene for a  ride (and to take tt\he car to the dealer and see if it was covered by the warranty, when I woke up, gradually realizing it was a dream and I was very glad I had a Camry!

That’s it for now, Sunday, September 9, 2018. 

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