2018 Summer September 12 Wednesday

67 degrees this morning, Walk 34:30 minutes, humidity 91%

Overall good walk this morning. Coolish temperature, overdressed for warmness as normal, but better safe than sorry so to speak!  

Didn’t really feel like walking this morning when I got up, but soon got into it.  Listening to the literally criminal activities of Robert Moses, a supposedly public official kept my blood boiling so to speak!

What is really scary is the fact he got away with the “big lie” for so long is that it was allowed by the lax news media, coward elected officials, and numerous people and companies who made large amounts of money from his activities  Sounds familiar!

Actually decided to sit outside this morning on the patio.  It is coolish, but nice enough I am outside still while writing this!  Probably if the wind was blowing it would be too cool to sit out here.  I (briefly) thought about a “fire pit” but it would probably be too much trouble for the amount of time we spend out here in cool weather.  Maybe a heated space suit would be better!

Very clear this morning, no moon.  After the rain that seemed to last forever, the sun seems extremely bright!  

Pace  this morning was 11 seconds slower than my goal.  

Discussed persons imprisoned yesterday morning and I double checked and this state has the largest percentage of persons incarcerated in THE WORLD, not just the United States.  A really shameful statistic considering the lack of funding for schools and the continuing “demand” by the “elected officials” for more prisons etc,  I don’t know what the percentage of private “for profit” prisons there are in Oklahoma but I expect it is close to the highest in the world also.  

Private prisons (and high profits for the companies  that make huge contributions to politicians) seem to go together,  Shameful!

As I have mentioned we have the “Amazon Echo”  (actually “several” of them) and we recently got a “Google mini” (digital assistant) free as part of another purchase.

There actually are major differences.  As far as advice, I kind of think of Google as the New York Times or Washington Post, and the Amazon Echo as the USA Today.  Neither is bad in itself, just different.  

As an example, I asked the Google Mini “What’s up?”.  He responded with a respectful forceful statement that he was here to get information for me etc, ending with  “how can I help”?   (It actually sounded even more dignified that that.)

The Echo in response to the same questions gave me some junk news about celebrities I could care less about.  

The Echo was a little easier to put into operation.  Also, the Echo played a rousing version of the “La Marseillaise”, Google didn’t know what it was, but played some nice classical music.

More on this in future posts!

That’s it for now, Wednesday,

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