2018 Summer September 13 Thursday

72 degrees this morning, walk  (no time, thanks to failure of Apple watch)    , 92% humidity 

Overall good walk this morning, very little breeze, Coolish but not too much so.  No moon.

As happens way too frequently the Apple watch app failed again.  I have to reset, and reset the phone and reset the watch etc. even to get the time of my walk.  Admittedly most of the time it works fine, but the times it doesn’t work are way too many. 

The Apple computer presentation was a major disappointment.  No iPad improvements, no MacBook Air improvements.  Tim Cook ought to be talking about improving the current watch, not bragging about some minor improvements they are making.  

Frankly, they are still much better than the competition, (in my opinion), but I am very disappointed they don’t spend some of their money on improving the quality of their existing products, instead of buying back stock etc. 

All of the “big tech” companies have seemed to forgotten about customer service, I had a half-hour wait the other day to talk to a surly “customer service” person about my Nest products.  Of course, all Apple ever wants you to do is to spend hours “resetting and restoring” your phone, in which you lose information.  

I have now wasted 20 minutes resetting my watch and phone with no results.  

Another “customer support” fiasco last night, i tried to get into my retirement account, of course I had no idea of the password.  They locked me out for 24 HOURS. (This is a voluntary 401K type of plan, not the regular retirement plan.)  

When I complained they said to call the toll-free number and wait for  hours for a representative.  Sure.   What I will do is reduce my contribution to the bare minimum to get  the pathetic  employer “match”  the plan offers (all of $300 per year, but better than nothing). and put my retirement money somewhere where I can get a response.  

Obviously they didn’t say “wait for hours for a representative”, but they did say “stay on hold until you get a representative” which means “wait for hours”.     No thanks, I’ll just make sure I don’t need to contact them until I retire.

I also filed a warranty claim on the pathetic excuse for a printer the Canon printer I made the mistake of buying, and found out “Square” is just that.  All the bragging about Square is false.  It is actually owned by an insurance company I wouldn’t deal with and their clam procedures are worse than any other company I have even seen.   I will not waste my money on any Square warranties again!

Overall, I feel pretty good in spite of my complaints about “the system” this morning!  It is ver frustrating to have to deal with incompetents and companies who have forgotten about customer service. 

I’m glad I live in an era and place where I can complain!  Actually of course it is temporary frustration, but it still is frustration.  

Maybe that is why I enjoy my job so much, I can empathize with the people who get so frustrated with the forms etc. and I can actually help them out!

By the way, the Apple watch app finally came through.  Walk 34:34 minutes,  pace was 3 seconds slower than my goal, frustration level 100%!

That’s it for today, Thursday, September 13, 2018.

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