2018 Summer September 14 Friday

71 degrees this morning, no walk (company), 91 degrees humidity 

Sitting on the patio, enjoying listening to nature.  

For some reason there is a lot of “hoot owl’s” out this morning.  I have noticed them more the last few days, but this morning it is continuous.  

When I was a kid, at least some of the books I read, the hoot owl sound was used by persons who were tracking someone through the wilderness  as they followed them to an eventual attack, usually bad news for the people being followed.

Ever since I feel a slight sense of unease when I hear a hoot owl, especially a bunch of them!  Actually I don’t hear that many hoot owls’ around here, so it is unusual to hear one much less a bunch of them.  

Noticed this morning, the way you suddenly notice a change, that the white crepe myrtle is almost gone for the year.  

I enjoy sitting on the patio, even as I realize the summer is ending and my enjoyable “sits” on the patio are soon ending for the season.  I just don’t think a fire pit could be the same.

For some reason i checked this morning, and this is my 2,189th post, at least as far as I can determine.  I have posted continuously on a daily basis since, as far as I could tell, June 15, 2013, and at sporadic intervals (as a blog on the computer) since March 15, 2005.

Of course I actually started a written journal (some not available any more, perhaps to the good), since the summer of 1987, I believe mourned June 6.  Some of it I put on computer disks that I don’t even have the capacity to read anymore, again maybe for the best.

Who knows why I do it?  It is something I thought about even as a child, and  it is just a way of acknowledging life. Even if I don’t keep them, I enjoy it. 

Also, I enjoy writing so much, it is entertainment if nothing else. 

I always feel a sense of rhythm when I write, almost like I am writing music, or floating down a river, feeling the current in my figures.  

I quickly took to the computer, amazed at the magic of the words flowing on the screen.  I also always loved to type, I was one of the few boys (in that era) who took two years of typing in high school. 

I always feel a little bad, like I am talking behind a friends back, when I criticize Apple products.  I think the problem is I feel let down when there is a problem, I simply feel Apple products should be better than to have problems like that.

My personal iPhone has gotten very slow, I think it probably does need to be backed up, the phone erased, and only apps and programs I want restored.  However…..

Actually, I will buy a new iPhone soon, although probably not until it has been out for several months.  I need to look at it and handle it before I make decision although I already know which new iPhone I want.  Probably in November. 

That’s it for now, Friday, September 14, 2018.

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