2016 Summer September 15 Saturday

73 degrees this morning, no walk (company) , 85% humidity 

Sitting on the patio as I write this this morning.  The night sounds (I’m sure it is some kind of bug) and the otherwise quiet.  Cloudy this morning, the “sinister  man in the moon” was up last night and setting early.  

I’m not sure what is so sinister about the quarter moon “man in the moon”, but it gives me pause to think about all the possible evil in the world.  Maybe too may King and Lovecraft stories and novels.  

More on the Echo and Google Mini, the “digital assistants”.  Probably the most disturbing thing about the Echo is the continuing push to “buy Amazon”.  True, all I need to do is “just say no”, but the continuing “marketing” of products, events and even politicians is getting tiresome.  

Echo does have the “Echo Show” and the “Echo Spot” which are are nice.  At least between the Echo dot and the Google Mini, the Google is much more distinguished looking and discreet.   

It is hard to say which is actually “best”.  Hopefully Apple will come out with something soon and make the choice mute!  I am sure if Steve Jobs were still alive, Apple would have come out with a competitive product by now, that, like their iPhone etc. is much more intuitive to use, and setting new standards,  even if there are maddeningly weak spots or omissions!  (Like not having a “touch screen”.)

I am looking forward to getting the nest iPhone.  My current personal iPhone is about 5 generations old now, (although it is hard to define “generations”’ of the iPhone now).  Actually I still have my original iPhone 3, with the battery still good, although I haven’t really “repurposed” it anymore for anything. The operating system is just too obsolete although it is still good as a music player, picture keeper etc.  I charge the battery occasionally just in case.  I still use my “original ipod” and “original ipad” on a a regular basis.  

The new Apple Watch has some neat features, but nothing to decide me to buy one, probably not for several more Apple Watch  generations although I never know.  I am very happy with the one I have.  

Sometimes I kind of wonder about what impact of technology advances on society, “group thought” and social customs, with obsolesce  so rapid.  Of course that really only affects phones, and to some degree computers etc.  I was thinking of how old our tv’s are (probably about 10 years old for the oldest), cars (6 and 4 years old with many years to go), furniture etc.  So it isn’t all things, even technology, that really become obsolete rapidly.  Obsolesce in watches is something truly new! 

However, the choice is there to upgrade, which is good!  

Where I was going with “fast obsolesce” was if it affected how people viewed older people, older customs etc.  Now that I think about it, I don’t think it impacts it hardly at all.  

In fact, I think technology has helped older people stay involved and active and generational change of customs, dress etc. has always been part of life. 

Also, when I think that people used to wear their clothes until they wore out (literally) etc. we are living in amazing times when clothes can literally last a lifetime (if you want them to last that long!), if not, it costs a minuscule amount of our income to give them away and buy something new if you want!

Part of what I don’t like about getting older is the thoughts that “this may be the last ——-(whatever), I’ll ever have”!   (So I just don’t think it or say it.) The excitement of “new” is always nice, but so is the comfort of the old and comfortable! 

That’s it for now, Saturday, September 15, 2018.

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