2018 Summer September 16 Sunday

70 degrees this morning, no walk (sore throat, company), 99% humidity 

Sitting on patio this morning, wonderful morning.  A little cool, but no wind.  

Wondering how it could be 99% humidity and not be raining, of at least misting,  something else I will need to look up to read about.  

Start of second day of weekend.  Weekends always seem to go fast, but then the work week also seems to go fast.

I was thinking the other day that when I was in my early 50’s, i was thinking with a weird feeling that “soon I would be 59 and be able to retire!”.  Little did i know!  As 59 approached, retirement also moved later correspondingly!  Actually, I knew I wasn’t about to retire at 59 (if nothing else, it wasn’t financially feasible), and I really didn’t think about it past that first thought.  

I probably am starting to think about “retirement” some time in the future now, but at least I feel more prepared if it does come to pass.  Or, I should say “when”.  

I had a question about my blog yesterday if I was “really ready” for the new aspects of the iPhone including facial recognition to turn it on, and also the lack of a “home button”. 

Good question!  The facial recognition doesn’t bother me at all, as long as it works.  I enjoy the “thumb or finger” to turn on the iPhone and think the facial recognition would be even better.

The lack of a home button is possibly a matter of concern, but I expect I will get used to it!  I have gotten used to a “home button” since my first iPhone 3 and it always seemed so intuitive and convenient.  I’ not quite sure why they are getting rid of it.  I have never cared for “swipes”, but have gotten somewhat used to it to  get “notifications” and my “favorite apps” as well as whatever they call the screen that has the flashlight and timer etc.  

I still remember when I picked up my first iPhone, ti was so intuitive, I just knew how to use it.  I actually  had gone to look at the iPod that was actually a “fixed” iPhone (didn’t have the phone so was actually just an iPod) I believe it was called the “Touch”.  

Anyway, I instantly decided to get the iPhone and get the entire package!  The iPhone 3 was released July 11, 2008, so i probably got mine around my birthday in early August 2008, since I originally went to get an iPod Touch for my birthday.  So it probably has been 10 years.  It seems now like we have always had one, or at least we always should have had one!  Of course, my iPhone 3 is not actually just a iPod Touch, so things go full circle!  

Reading about the Apple watch, it is an amazing device, especially the ability to detect falls etc.  The $300 price tag seems cheap for that, if you have a tendency to fall!  (Hint to someone I won’t mention here!) I don’t plan on getting one, but certainly will if I even have a problem with falling.  

Back to the lack of a home button, I I will probably go to the Apple store to “practice” before I buy one, or it may be better just to buy one and realize I have to learn it.  

Kind of like the explorer who burned the ships so the soldiers didn’t have any way to flee!  Well, not really now that I think about it1  Actually by not having an “out”, it also may have destroyed their morale. 

That’s it for now, Sunday, September 15, 2018.   

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