2018 Summer September 17 Monday

71 degrees this morning, no walk, 90% humidity 

Sitting on patio again this morning, a little cool, but very nice. No moon.  

Fall begins at 8:54 p.m., Saturday, September 22.  How fast the Summer has gone!  I am not looking forward to another winter and not being able to set on the patio, but I guess I need to adjust to reality!

The Crepe Myrtle blooms are essentially gone, another sign that Summer is gone.  

One effect I have noticed of high humidity (I believe) is the effect on noise.  I looked it up and yes, sound does carry faster (and louder)  in high humidity. 

It actually is slower in cooler air, but may appear to be louder and faster when the air close to the ground is cooler than higher air.  Called “refraction”. 

What we can learn from technology!

I started wondering about i when I notice that a train (which I hardly ever notice) sounds like it is actually on the west (rather than the east of us, which it actually is) occasionally, but it normally sounds this way in the fall when it first starts getting cool.

I read something recently that said “to learn you have to question” or something like that.  They said it much more eloquently, but that was the basic point.  

I recently read where a Texas (figures) School Board is deleting Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller from the history books in their school system.  Of course, similar such stupidity has occurred in other school districts as well with other people. 

They don’t seem to realize their stupidity  and attempt to censor will backfire! 

Sometimes I wonder how the children today can take all of the information, and especially the extreme amount of information today that is available on the Internet.  I know there is stuff on the internet that astounds me and I’m not sure what I would have though when I was a teenager if it had been as easily available to me as it is today.  Maybe the availably would have satisfied my curiosity, who knows.

Back to “private prisons”, I researched a little and, of course, found the state with the highest incarnation rate the world also has the most prisoners (more than double the national average) in “private prisons”.  

Of course they are all owned by one company, which I expect, makes huge “contributions” to politicians.  They have a high rate of complaints about inadequate food, inadequate security et. . which doesn’t surprise me.

Of course, the private prisons are getting rich off of the “immigration” prisoners after making huge “contributions” to federal politicians. 

Makes me sick and ashamed

That’s it for now, Monday, September 17, 2018.


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