2018 Summer September 18 Tuesday

75 degrees this morning, Apple watch screwed up again, no time, 88% humidity 

Good to get back to my walk this morning.  While a break is ok, it is something that is simply a part of my routine that I enjoy. 

Very disappointed in the Apple Watch or the Activity app or both, whichever one is defective.  They go to extremes to give me all kinds of “reports’ and “suggestions” i could care less about and don’t provide the one thing I am interested in!

I am sure when I call or take it in, they will suggest I spend hours to “unpair” and “re-pair” the watch to my phone. Surely they can find a better way. 

I think part of the program is the phone was provided by insurance and is a “reconditioned” phone, I don’t think the “reconditioning” was done very well.  It is actually less than a year old, although I have had the phone model for over 4 years, it is not the exact same phone.

Walk this morning was a good temperature, basically not too cool or cold.  (It really can’t be too hot).  No moon. 

Finally got the phone app to do it’s job, walk time is 34:11 minutes, pace was 13 seconds slower than my goal. (Now it lost it again)  I am sure now it is defective phone and not the Apple Watch.

I’ll probably just switch the Apple Watch to my other phone.  It doesn’t really matter all that much which one I use.

Sometimes i wonder why such a small matter is worth writing about (the defective phone/watch app) and then I realize it is a pervasive attitude of some subcultures  in American life that includes the problem with finding someone decent to work on your house, your car, etc. 

Somehow I expect technology to be different and of course sometimes it is the worst, putting out buggy programs, defective devices, overstated promises etc.

On another subject, I am always surprised by the success of some “go fund me” programs.  Why does anyone think I should fund a strangers vacation or their wedding etc?   Actually, if someone wants too, that is their business but it is really strange.    

I did read where someone meant to give $15 and accidentally gave $15,000 and the organization that gets a cut of all the donations told him they “couldn’t do anything about it”.  Sure.  Maybe he should have started a “go fund me” campaign to get the money they won’t refund him!  (They took him the person he contributed to had to refund the money.  Good luck on that.!)

Actually, I realize there are legitimate reasons, disasters, medical problems, etc., but I just can’t understand some of the reasons people are begging for money for and expect strangers to contribute.  

Listening to the biography of Robert Moses, I am finally getting to a part I will enjoy, his downfall, when people really began to realize what an arrogant crook he really was.  What really makes me angry about the entire thing is his betrayal fo the public and his complete disregard of the public welfare.  

Hopefully, the book (which was actually written in 1974) helped point out problems that continue to be resolved as politicians and bureaucrats continue to ignore the public good due to their love of “power for powers sake”. 

Probably will never be resolved until the news media starts to do the job or fully informing the public.  Apathy can be a problem, but an uninformed voter is even more of a problem.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, September 18, 2018 

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