2018 Summer September 20 Thursday

77 degrees this morning, no walk (schedule), 73 degrees humidity 

Sitting on the patio this morning, a nice cool breeze.  At the most there are only 2 more days I can sit on the patio and enjoy the early mornings in he “Summer of 18”, because on Sunday it will be the “Fall of 18” and the Summer will be officially over.  

At least Summer weather is not over immediately, but it will be over soon enough.  

Replaced the iPhone battery last night.  I was surprised it only took an hour or so.  It appears like the phone is working better, but time will tell.  That is the first time I have ever had a battery replaced in an iPhone, and even then it was for a defective battery.  

As I have mentioned, I am watching “The Wire” on a sporadic but a continuous basis.  While I’m not quite sure why they felt some of the language was necessary, it is a very entertaining and somewhat addictive story.  I am in “Season Two” and there are five “Seasons” of around 10 episodes each, so I have a lot of programs yet.  

When I was in college, I remember a friend saying that he only read books and didn’t watch tv because he “couldn’t pick up where he left off” if he decided to do something else.  

That is probably one reason I never watched a lot of tv, but with DVR’s and streaming, it is no longer a problem.  You an watch whenever you want and whatever amount you want to watch.  

One of the quotes form “The Wire” is “Ain’t never going to be what ti was”.  I think that describes the feeling you get when you know an existing situation or status quo has changed and is over.  It may not be that eloquent of a quote, but it describes the feeling well.

I can’t even imagine the people i the flooded areas, especially the ones that didn’t have flood insurance.  they can and will rebuild recover their lives but still, “Ain’t never going to be what it was”.  The tragedy of human existence I guess, or for that matter, the tragedy of all living organisms.

Wanted to mention a dream I had this morning.  Normally i don’t remember my dreams that long, but I wrote this one down after several hours:

Dream 9-20-18  

This is actually written several hours after my dream.  I remembered much of it, it was a very powerful dream.  

Dreamed I was walking down a long dusty road.  Occasionally I would stop at a business or farmhouse, usually vacant or I could hear people but never saw them.    

I seemed like I was coming into a small town and I stopped in a business.  They didn’t see me, but heard me and I left.

I realized I was dressed in just undershorts and a t-shirt. I wondered why no one said anything and I thought I needed to find some clothes.   I thought about calling for Aliene to pick me up.

The next store I stoped in, they seemed to welcome me. When I was ready to leave, a boy showed me to the right door since I was confused and couldn’t find my way out.

Before I left the owner, an older Black woman, came out, hugged me and said she would call Aliene to pick me up.  I was very tired.  

Aliene came, and for some reason said I had bad breath. At that point I woke up.

That’s it for now, Thursday, September 20, 2018.

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