2018 Summer September 21 Friday

73 degrees this morning, walk 34;45 minutes, 80% humidity 

Good walk this morning.  At times I thought I felt some mist in the air, (there was a small chance of rain) but I wasn’t really worried about it raining.  No moon.  

Sitting out on the patio.  Unfortunately it is starting to rain, and we all know what moisture does to computers!

I moved back under the roof area just to be safe.  I don’t think it will rain that much now, but it is supposed to rain a lot this weekend.  supposedly there is a chance of record amounts of rain this weekend, which we really don’t need.

I was thinking about the quote I discussed yesterday “Ain’t never going to be what it was”.  

I was thinking of it in in the negative, plaintive sense, but it also could be a positive joyful whoop also!  

Regardless, it is true, everything changes every second and you never know where the change is actually leading. 

Back to “service”, while I like the Nest products, I don’t think I have ever experienced quite as bad of customer service, they must train them to be surly and negative to reduce the number of calls they get!  I have rarely experience such a unhelpful “customer service” department, with the exception perhaps of the phone companies.  

Actually,  “T-Mobile” is an exception to bad customer service by phone companies.  Except for one call, I have always had excellent customer service since we switched to T-Mobile for our cellular service.  

It’s Friday1  Somehow it seems like the workweek just started and now it is Friday!  I like my job,  but i like my weekends also!

Thinking more about apathy and people voting who know nothing about the candidates etc., I”m not sure which is worse, or maybe it doesn’t really matter.  Obviously people have the right to vote regardless of whether they are informed or not and apathy isn’t illegal.  

However, what I have seen is that politicians take advantage of this.  In a city i used to live in, the elected officials changed the election date to the “national” election day on the pretense of “saving money”.

Of course, what they really want is the chance to use “dark money” to spread misinformation, hoping that people who are more interested in national and state elections will be easily influenced by “dark/dirty money” and they literally hope they can buy the local election.  Apathy isn’t all bad if you have no idea what you are voting on! 

On the other hand, as in the school district I live in now, they had an election for a huge amount of money for “football fields” that was quietly held in February, with little information provided, obviously (in my opinion) hoping not to raise any opposition.  

Nothing against football fields, but it seems like it should be openly discussed why football fields and not classrooms or whatever should be a priority!

Of course I also read where the “administrators” were “automatically” given the same percentage increase as the teachers.  Seems a rather strange policy to me, since the Administrators will get a huge actual increase in comparison to the teacher increase and much of the teacher increase was paid for by the state.  I look at my huge tax bill for the school district and wonder about where the money is going.   I also wonder why the news media isn’t publicizing this and at least providing the information, agree or disagree.  

That’s it for now, Friday, September 21, 2018.  

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