2018 Fall September 23 Sunday

65 degrees this morning, walk 35:01 minutes 86% humidity  4,925 steps

Coolish walk this morning, definitely could feel the humidity, no breeze.  No moon reflection. (I’m not quite sure how to specify that, obviously there is a moon, I just can’t see it!)

Fall is here, the Summer of 18 is over.  Hopefully the Summer weather will continue for awhile, but it will be what it is.  Unfortunately I have to deal with it. 

I was reading about some of the daily lives in Lincoln’s time and (in the biography of Robert Moses) listening about  the daily lives in the early to mid-1900s in New York City.  We have it good, there is no question of that.  I really don’t have anything to complain about!

I am listening in the biography on Robert Moses of the beginning of his downfall, mainly the time when people begin to realize what a crook and arrogant person he was.  

I normally don’t “enjoy” reading, listening or watching about someone’s downfall, but in this case, I am enjoying it.  He was a crook who abused his public position and ruined the lives of thousands, and if you consider the generations of New Your residents and visitors who are negatively impacted by his arrogance and abuse of power, probably millions of persons.

The worse part of his behavior was the abuse of his public position and the fact he did not attempt to make the lives of the citizens better, but rather trampled on their rights and did not attempt to comply with the law in his treatment of citizens.  

What makes it worse, is, he was allowed to do this by a negligent news media, coward and greedy politicians and greedy “professionals” and persons who were enriched by his abuse of power. 

I don’t often say someone should go to prison for non-violent behavior, I feel there are many other more positive ways to punish and rehabilitate persons who commit non-violent crimes, but in this case, I feel prison was warranted.  

What actually finally led to people learning the truth about his arrogance and abuse of power was a group of young (the author emphasized the youth) journalists who got tired of seeing the “common person” stomped on by Moses.  

While i can understand the author’s point in emphasizing it was young journalists who did it, I think he took the normal route of emphasizing “youth” but not also pointing out that it was persons not associated with the “establishment”, and it could have been, and frequently is, any age of person who decides they have had enough and they are going to change the system.  

I still remember the impact of Thomas Kuhn’s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions had on my thinking.  (i was surprised to learn it was an “old” book when I first read it).  

While I may be mangling it up a little, one of the concepts I learned was that it is frequently the person/s who are new to a profession that make the major breakthroughs, primarily because they aren’t constrained by “establishment” thinking.  He termed it a “new Paradigm”.  

Actually in spite of my comments (and my belief that he is right), “the establishment” is still usually a major positive force in society.  Any organization, person or whatever just needs to realize that “continuous improvement” is necessary to keep a viable organization.

Anyway, in he case of Robert Moses, it was a group of young journalists who persisted.  I think the persistence was just as important as the new view on a situation that was just “accepted” by the news media and the “establishment”.  

As I mentioned once about the Robert Moses biography, I am amazed I had not heard of it before (at least at a  conscious level), I also was surprised I had not read “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” before I did.  I  recently listened to it again, and it was still relevant and interesting  

That’s it for now, Sunday, September 223, 2018, the first day of Fall of 2018.

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