2018 Fall September 24 Monday

67 degrees this morning, no walk, 92 % humidity.  

No walk this morning due to a medical test early this morning. 

Regarding “Nest” support, I spent over two hours on the phone Saturday about correcting an error that Nest had made.  At least the issue got resolved, but I can’t do a lot about two hours lost due to their error.

As in most cases I have found, it was a simple fix, it took maybe 5 minutes (although it did take several hours for the fix to actually flow through to completion).  It may sound confusing but that is the best way I can explain it.

Actually i had some understanding, since one of my job duties is to “talk people through” completing reports on the computer. 

Somehow, in spite of all that, I went ahead and updated to IOS 12 on one of my iPhones.  I normally wait, but this is the slow phone and I had heard IOS 12 was designed to speed up older phones.  So far, so good, I am impressed, but my experience is limited to a entering some basic information.

I was surprised that IOS12 is available for my aging iPads, which mades me feel better.  Actually, although they are approaching 5 years old (I believe in October), they are still performing well, although with 16 gig, they will not hold a lot of information.  I have learned to get the maximum storage possible, although I actually haven’t done that on my recent phones, i usually get the midrange and I haven’t come even close to running out of storage.  Of course, the “iCloud” off-loading helps as does unlimited storage on Amazon Prime. 

I didn’t look up the medical test I am doing this morning (a routine “stress test”, which I don’t like the sound of).  I had one about 15 years ago, and it was pure hell, mainly because I couldn’t have any caffeine the day before at all.  It also may have been the medical facility I went to, after I saw some of the type people they hired.  (Not for medical staff, I’m sure a political appointment to another non-medical position.)  

This time, it was 12 hours, which is much more reasonable.  Also, I drink much less caffeine than I did 15 years ago.  Since I quit drinking any type of carbonated drink (makes me cough) and have cut down on my coffee intake (not be design, I still love coffee, just the pattern of my life changing).  

I used to drink maybe 8 cups of coffee before I even woke up (well not really, but before I went to work) and than probably another 8-10 cups during the day.  Now, on a routine work day, I may drink one cup of coffee (2 in oz terms) if I am lucky and some tea during the day.  

On a good weekend, I may drink 3 cups of coffee for breakfast and a “Trenta” or 2 of ice coffee at Starbucks.  During the week and on weekends, I also may drink a Trenta or 2 of ice coffee at Starbucks maybe 4 times a week at max, usually in the late afternoon.   

More than anyone cares to know (except the medical staff or II) about my caffeine habits!

Anyway, I normally do a lot of research on medical tests etc. I am scheduled for, I didn’t even do any research on this one!  

I’ll see.

That’s it for now, Monday, September 24, 2018

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