2018 Fall September 25 Tuesday

Good walk this morning, a light breeze made up for the humidity (I guess).  

The humidity is so high, I went out to sit on the patio and there is a light mist on all of the chairs etc.  Since it is so nice, and the “sitting on the patio season” is ending and there is a full moon shining in the west, I decided I’ll sit here anyway!  A little moisture (as long as I keep it from my computer and phone) is fine compared to missing a morning on the patio!  

The moon is hanging high in the western sky.  It seems to be there every month about this time  

I will miss my mornings on the patio as the cold weather moves in and makes it impossible to sit on the patio, although I think more and more about a “fire pit”!  (Well, not really, but the idea is pleasant to think about.)

Pace was 6 seconds slower than my goal.  Somehow, I have a feeling the goal won’t move anytime soon, at least if I am realistic about setting a goal I can reach occasionally.  

On the other hand, I’m not sure if it is necessary to “meet” your goal as much as it is to strive to meet the goal.

The dreaded “stress test” actually was fine.  Not something I’d want to do often, (like every 20 years), but if it is necessary, it is necessary.  Also provided an excuse for a big breakfast “out” after the test! 

One thing I have found about the hospital system we use, they have, generally, excellent staff who at least seem to care as much about the patients as they do he procedures, if that makes any sense.  I generally feel very positive about the medical staff we use.  

Of course, I still have gotten the results yet.  Thank goods for good medical insurance!  I can’t even imagine what the “rack rate” is for the procedure.  

Read this morning about how technology (primarily digital assistants such as the Amazon Echo and the Google Home) are impacting hotel and restaurant workers.  One example was facial recognition may eliminate the need for desk clerks, and digital assistants (as well as any computer programs and apps) can make reservations, provide recommendations as well as a concierge can etc.  

Perhaps.  However, just like the “self scan” in grocery stores etc, machines aren’t always universally accepted.

The point of the article (and many articles like it) is that instead of “replacing” people, technology needs to “work with” people and allow people to expand their productivity and skills.  

I certainly feel that technology can assist in an lot of areas.  The troubling question is perhaps about retraining workers who are displaced.  Also, as one book recently pointed out, if technology replaces all he workers, who is going to have the money to buy the products they make!  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, September 25, 2018.

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