2018 Fall September 26 Wednesday

61 degrees this morning, no walk (rain), 72 % humidity.  

More rain this morning, light showers, sporadic.  Another day on the patio missed as the “patio days” come to an end for the season!  

Regarding the heavy rains on the first day of Spring, I still remember years ago (I actually remember I was in the 5th grade because I had just switched schools), the teacher indicated that it was common for heavy rains around the first day of Fall and she wasn’t surprised.  While I haven’t found this to be true every year, it is frequently the case.

We can now say “the whole world is laughing” at the lying coward pervert lunatic.  What a joke, so incompetent, and the coward congress continues to allow this lunatic to ruin the United States and world.  

Way past time for the 25th amendment or impeachment, or at least have the guts to curtail his authority to ruin the economy and  such illegal actions as transferring cancer funding to his insane immigration policy that shovels tax dollars and  huge profits to his donors in the prison industry.  

I am amazed at how much time they news media gives to his insane and vicious personal attacks, grossly obvious lies and and in incompetent actions that are destroying the United States and world economy.  A very bad joke.  

The new battery for the iPhone helped some. The speed still isn’t great, but it is a lot better and it has corrected a lot of problems I was having with some apps, primarily the watch app. 

I really like IOS 12, after using it for several days.  It has a lot of improvements I have seen and I am sure I am seeing only a small percentage of the improvements.  

I am looking forward to buying the new iPhone, although, as always, with some trepidation at having to learn new techniques and programs.  On the other hand, with Apple products, I have usually found somehow they are easy to learn to use.  I do with their computers would have “touch screens”.  Since the phones, iPads etc. have touch screens, it is really odd and disappointing that the computers don’t.  

Our experience with the Amazon Echo and Google home mini have really indicated this technology is a major advancement in the “usefulness” of technology.  It is truly amazing what they can do, and, more yet the potential for the technology.

I really figure Apple will figure out a way to make a truly major advancement when it comes out with it’s equal product.  Certainly Siri now is far behind either of them. 

While we use the Echo most because we got it first and have more of them, there is a lot I like about the Google Home mini. First of all , the voice is so much better.  While this may seem a small point, the Google Home mini voice is much more pleasant and (this may sound strange) believable.  

As I previously mentioned, many of the “search” type answers are much better from Google.  However, the Echo has been very “useful” in automating many of our daily tasks.  One of the most useful and mundane is the “list” function, which is truly useful!  Probably the Google Mini has the same thing, we just haven’t used it.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, September 26, 2018


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