2018 Fall September 27 Thursday

48 degrees this morning, walk 34:40 minutes, 98% humidity 

Coolish walk this morning. Wasn’t really sure how to dress, normally over dress (too warm), this morning I didn’t.  Fortunately my internal furnace kicked in and I kept warm.  48 degrees was definitely brisk.

Hopefully it will warm up enough so I can sit on the patio several more times this season.  This time of month (with the full moon) is my favorite time to sit on the patio, so I will miss it.  Of course, it also means the patio will be nice at other times of the day also.

Today, September 27,  is the day my mother passed away, 21 years ago.  Strange that someone, who when I was a child, I really thought would never die has been gone for 21 years.  I still get a chill when I think about how phone records show she called all of her lifelong friends, her children etc. that day. 

I am gradually upgrading all of my devices to ISO 12.  It is a good upgrade, as far as I can tell.

Listening to the last part of the biography on Robert Moses (of the total of 66 hours!).  As the truth gradually came out about his criminal activities and abuse of power, he used the familiar tactics of personally attacking the reporters who were exposing his activities and then trying to call the publishers etc.  

In many cases, he would try to find “dirt” on the reporters and when he couldn’t find it he would would make it up.  Sounds familiar!

In the case of Moses, he still had the ability to operate in secret a lot more than most agencies would have the ability to do now.  Although, as I have seen in local government, secret meetings etc. continue and without an active press that is more interested in currying favor than exposing corruption, it will continue.

While I like on-line news media, I have found I am much more likely not to read on-line newspapers etc. When you get a physical object, you have to physically throw it away and I think I am more likely to read it.

I subscribe to a local 2 x per week paper and many times I simply forget to read it.  If it was delivered I probably would read it.

That is the same with magazines and major newspapers, although I would probably never read the Washington Post as a physical newspaper, I do read it on-line on a regular basis.  I don’t agree with everything it says, but it is a good newspaper. 

Ditto even with the USA Today.  They emphasize trivial news about “celebrities” etc and sports, but I can skip one that on the internet edition and I would never read the physical edition (unless I was traveling). They do frequently have the latest news, although some of their “news” seems to frequently be close to an ad.

Actually we save a lot of time because we simply no longer watch or read anything about the lying coward perverted lunatic.  If he comes on tv, we speed through it,  and we no longer watch the Sunday morning programs because it seems like they are intent, even when they are critical, on publicizing the lies of the  lying coward perverted racist lunatic without any real counterpoint to the lies.  

Strange that a lunatic who criticizes the news media and “libel” laws and someone who is trying to destroy the “freedom of speech” clause is the person who benefits from news media and freedom of speech concept the most!  

That’s it for now, Thursday, September 27, 2018.

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