2018 Fall September 28 Friday

60 degrees this morning, walk 34:59 minutes, 84 % humidity 

Nice walk this morning, although I way overestimated how cool it was and dressed too worm.  I guess sweating is good for me, or at least I hope it is.

Kind of a last gasp of summer, I decided to sit on the patio this morning, expecting to come right back in.  However, so far, so good.  I am a little out of the wind, which helps.

The full moon overhead (almost directly above me) and the night sounds make it worth while, at least for a while.  I think more and more of a “fire pit” for the patio, although I doubt that it work for what I need it for.  

Pace was 12 seconds slower than my goal this morning.   Looking over the past 3 years, I don’t see a lot of improvement on my pace!  However, on the other hand, I don’t see any deterioration either.  Something to say for the status quo!  

Thinking about “assumptions” this morning, assuming someone is going to act a certain way because of the way they look, their age, their cultural background etc.  

I guess it is kind of a “shortcut” to avoid having to exert a lot of effort!  Not that I necessarily feel that is bad, it is just something you have to be cognizant of.  Or at least something I need to be cognizant of and be aware that I may be “assuming” the wrong thing about people and other people may be picking up on my signals, good or bad, based on my age, dress or whatever and also making assumptions.   

One of the things I really enjoy about my job is some of the interesting people I get a chance to work with (although it is on a very short-term basis).  There is probably few things as exciting as starting your own business.  On the other hand there is so few things so disheartening as seeing your business fail and I unfortunately get to see that side also. 

Another dream:

Dream 9-27-17

Dreamed I was in some kind  of resort.  For some reason I was asked endless rounds of questions about a subject (I’n not sure what) as are a group of other people.

At one time, I I was in an elevator and the handle to open the door (it as apparently a very old elevator!) snapped off. 

I eventually got out but the elevator was about 3 feet below the floor level and I had to crawl out.  

While I was crawling out, there was a man coming in.  I warned him about how the elevator was acting.  He didn’t really seemed perturbed by it and walked in on the level elevator

At the last part, I was eating with a group of other people  and someone was going around to each person asking  them a series of questions  that they had to respond to to the group in the  room.  i was next.

I woke up

This was  a long and very powerful dream.  I wish I had written it down soon so I could remember more of it.   It took several minutes after I woke up to realize where I was and it was only a dream.

That’s it for now, Friday, September 28, 2018.

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