2018 Fall September 29 Saturday

65 degrees this morning, walk 35:08 minutes humidity 88%

Good walk this morning, a little coolish of course. No moon.  

Sitting on the patio this morning as I write this.  It is warmer than yesterday, but the wind makes it a little more uncomfortable, but it is still nice.  

I noted the last few flowers on the Crepe Myrtle tree, indicating the last vestiges of summer. 

Pace was 25 seconds slower than my goal.  I could even feel this morning I was slow.  I am glad I was aware of being slower than normal.  This is one of my slower pace times, but hardly the slowest.

Of course, it depends on my REAL goal, which is to enjoy the walk, keep healthy etc., not to walk as fast as I can.  If I concentrated on walking too fast, I wouldn’t enjoy the walk and probably wouldn’t really listen to what I was listening too.  

I am far behind in books I want to listen on my walk, there are about a million (literally) podcasts I would like to listen and learn about.  I do a lot of drive time on my “field days”, I probably ought to listen more to books or podcasts instead of what I do listen too.  (A mixture of CNBC, and a wide variety of music depending on my mood and what is on the radio).   

I am probably driving at least an hour and 1/2 and am sitting in the car doing paperwork about as much, so that is a lot of time I could be learning and listening to something else.

Not to say, Sirius has gotten expensive and I could save a tidy sum by canceling it, but it is probably worth the money, at least in the present. 

If I look at my day, sometimes I am surprised at how I spend my time.  I was thinking this morning that I really don’t time myself on writing this journal and I won’t.  I know exactly how long it takes to shower, shave etc, how long I walk, how long it takes when I do my weights etc.

I am a big advocate of “balance” and I think if I started to really concentrate on where I was “wasting” time, it wold be hard to say.  “Wasting” time is a judgement call, to say the least.  

I look at my walk and think what I could do if I didn’t walk, same with writing this journal, reading the newspapers, time on the computer etc., but then it would get to the point where I would lose the balance of my life and perhaps not feel like I am leading a productive life, which is kind of the point.

Productive may not be the right word, but “enjoyable” isn’t either.  Maybe it is just lying a life you can look back on and say “I had a good life”.  

Read this morning in the on-line USA today an article by someone advocating that there be an “age limit” for running for public office etc.  I was going to ponder on that, but more on that in the future!  

That’s it for now, Saturday, September 29, 2018.

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