2018 Fall October 1 Monday

69 degrees this morning, Walk 33:58 minutes, 95% humidity 

Actually good walk this morning, I actually perspired a lot even though I wore just a t-shirt.  No visible moon this morning, very light breeze.  

It is surprisingly comfortable this morning on the patio with the 69 degrees temperature and the breeze.  Hopefully I am getting used to the cooler weather and and continue sitting on the patio for a while.  

Pace was 11 seconds faster than my goal, which I am glad to see.  This morning, I think I knew I was walking a faster pace, although I wasn’t really conscious of it until the last few hundred yards where I deliberately tried to maintain/increase my pace.  

By chance I know someone who took the same “stress test” I did at the same site, only he took it on a Friday and I took it on a Monday.  Apparently it does have some value.  I hope I don’t get a phone call in the near future since it probably means the results at least did not indicate any major problems.  

Listening to the last few hours of the biography of Robert Moses.  He is at least getting “recognized” for his tactics in the (financial) failure of the the 1964 New York Worlds Fair.  

I wonder how he could have used the tactics of personal vendetta’s, lying, etc. for 35 years  until i see the same process in a former city I lived at by the “mayor” .  He mades personal attacks, the “big lie” etc. to cover his own incompetence and selfish motives. 

Again, it is the lack of a concerned news media that allows him a “free pass” to continue his “big lies”, coward attacks on “opponents” and even just concerned members of the public who are asking a question. 

Start of another work week.  Good weekend, except baseball season is over, although the playoffs and the World Series etc. are ahead.  

About in the middle of watching “The Wire”seasons (there are five seasons on Amazon Prime).  It is an extraordinary good series, if you can either overlook the language etc. or just accept it.  Frankly, I have never known any organization I have been involved with to talk like that, but I can either ignore it or not watch it and I feel there is a value in watching it. 

Actually, the words (as far as the series go) have lost all shock value with their casual use.  

What struck me recently was when 3 “gang members” and 3 police officers meet at a movie theatre with their dates.  They look at each other and say in shock YOU got to the movies?!!  As if they suddenly realize the other party has more dimensions that just a gang member/leader or Police Officer.

I think the realization by both sides that the other side is actually human and goes to the movies and has a “human life” made a difference in the relationship. 

It is moments like that that make “The Wire” so entertaining and watchable, it is full of moments like that, the moments of decision, moments of realization about life, relationships and organizations.  

Looking over the series I have watched since I started watching a tv series when I am on the stationary bicycle or at my “third place”  (Starbucks, or sometimes another coffee shop or place I can park myself for awhile), I would be hard pressed to say which is “best”.    

I am glad I don’t have to “chose” which is best, I liked them all. Downton Abbey, The Sopranos, Bosch, and now The Wire.  At least I don’t feel I have “wasted time” on any of them, all of them had their value.  

That’s it for now, Monday, October 1, 2018.  

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