2018 Fall October 2 Tuesday

70 degrees this morning, Walk 34:21 minutes, 88% humidity 

Happy Birthday to Aliene this morning, I’ll send her some Happy Birthday wishes while she is sleeping (and many more when she is awake!).  

Excellent weather for a walk this morning, little breeze, moon not visible again.  I keep track of “steps” but somehow my “Activity App” doesn’t seem to make any sense so I haven’t been keeping a record of them.  For example, it has 3,144 steps for my walk this morning (actually for the morning).  Other mornings, for the same amount of walking, it may have 4,200 steps or whatever.  

Actually, I have been keeping a record of everything, it is just on the phone. Actually my phone keeps track of my “steps” during he day, it is just that since I use a different phone for work, my personal phone obviously doesn’t keep track of my  steps if I’m not wearing it.

Sitting on the patio this morning in the waning days of weather that I can sit on the patio.  Probably another month at the most

As I have noted since we moved, today marks 4 years and 3 months since we moved to this area and I have no worked in my present job for 4 years and one month.  How the time does fly!   I have no doubt that it will soon be ten years since we moved and it seems like either a short time or like we have been here forever.  

Looking back, it is amazing how everything came together, with perhaps a misstep or two.  I’m not even sure what I mean by “came together”, just how, if we had to make a move, the one we made was the right one.  

And somehow I fell into the perfect job for me in a lot of ways, maybe not for the money, but for the type of work I find very satisfying and rewarding.  

Let’s just say both of the moves could have been a lot worse.  

Looking back, I see where circumstances I thought were bad were actually good and sometimes vice versa.  In other words, you never know until it’s over, and when it’s over, you don’t know it anyway! 

Watching the stock market, I am always amazed at how one day I think a (mental decision usually) decision is “right’, the next day proves to be “wrong” for  whatever reason and vice versa.  There is no “win” there is only the game.  

Actually my thoughts on “the game” (or at least the wording) comes from the influence of the of the characters in The Wire who says “its the game, man, it’s the game”, or words to that effect about the way the characters choose to make a living and the resulting consequences. 

We have stopped watering the lawn, and probably soon will stop mowing it.  I think both are a waste of money, time and effort and wish there was a way to avoid at least the waste of water.  I know there are “natural” grasses and plants we can plant that will minimize water use, but i haven’t really researched it at all other than some cursory reading which was actually one of discouraging as far as the amount of money to install it  and other problems.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, October 2, 2018.  

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