2018 Fall October 3 Wednesday

74 degrees this morning, no walk (schedule), 82 % humidity

No walk this morning due to schedule today.  However, the temperature etc. made it tempting to go ahead and walk.  I will get more walking in today at work so it will more than make up for it.

However, out on the patio, while it is wonderful, the wind is fairly high and I really don’t like walking in the the wind.

Cubs managed to implode as usual and snatch failure from the jaws of victory.  It must be something in the organizational culture that likes failure that  started a century or so ago and just stays in the organization.  Other than the LA Dodgers, all of “our” teams are already out and the playoffs haven’t even started.  

I really think it is part of the structure of professional sports where pay has no real relationship to overall performance, instead it is based on potential or perceived potential and you get paid the same where you play poorly or well.  Exceptions for activities like car racing and boxing.  I think at some point the pay is meaningless anyway when it is so unrelated to actual value.

Read an article in the USA Today (on-line).  Whoever it was (for maybe obvious reasons, I haven’t seen it again) was proposing an “age limit” for Presidents, executives etc.  The article was unclear about whom else the author was proposing age limits for.   

While the author attempted to tie age into the present presidential disaster, I hardly think age has anything to do with it.  They mention Warren Buffet as an “exception”.

I think rather than age, it is a matter of failure to change as we age that is the problem, or at least one of the problems.  A lot of what I see is after years a person starts to believe their resume and, if they surround themselves with supplicants  out and “yes people” who are scared to tell them the truth, they will harden into failure for lack of change.  

Much as the person who was crying about “testing” drivers, I say, test everyone if you test anyone!  

Just like older persons, I have seen many failures with younger persons due to arrogance and failure to consider their inexperience etc.  Success has little to do with age.

As I noted, it was the young news reporters who were able to tell the truth about Robert Moses and his behavior, however, it was also the young (at the time) Mayors etc.  who failed to step in before he ruined the lives of literally millions of people with his arrogant behavior and failure to change with the times and his obsession with what he perceived as “power”.  

I was amazed that Robert Moses was able to keep records hidden and refuse to show them, had secret meetings and actually flaunted his lack of concern for the public by having numerous offices (even like six cafeterias with full time staffs who were doing nothing unless he showed up with his supporters).  He never drove but always had a limousine driver.  

I have to wonder, like i wonder now, “what were people thinking”.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, October 3, 3018.

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