2018 Fall October 4 Thursday

76 degrees this morning, walk 34:37 minutes 72% humidity 

+13 weight

Good walk this morning. Almost couldn’t have been bad with 76 degrees weather!  Sky was clear the quarter moon in the east yet while I was walking.  no clouds although it is supposed to rain today, or at least a significant chance of it  

I assume using “percentages” gives the weather forecasters an out.  Even 90% change of rain indicates a 10% chance it won’t and a 10% change of rain is still a 10% chance, just in case it rains.  

The % must be generated by algorithms, since at times there is a 100% change of rain and it doesn’t rain.  Any weather forecaster is smart enough to leave at least a 1% out!  A computer hasn’t figured it out yet!

Actually I really admire weather forecasters and what they can do.  The science has advanced so much in the past few years.

Too bad they haven’t figured out a way to avert some of the really bad weather. 

Of course, in a way it is scary to thank that  we could control the weather, because I expect it wold be used to “reward” some areas and “punish” other areas.  Perhaps it is just as good that we don’t/can’t control it with the lunatic “leadership” we have, or I should say the persons who “occupy” the leadership positions, since they are not leaders.

I recently read an article where the examples of the federal government pushing “religious choice” has indicted that the government is only using federal power and money to protect “their” religious choice, they don’t bother when religions they don’t agree with.  

I assume that is the original reason that there is a separation between government and religion, so you really can worship anyway you please without government intervention, including assistance. 

In regard to the new “Apple watch”, I recently read an article (with a title like “Finally, an Apple watch for Grandma”) about over people who use a smart watch of any kind.

I was amazed that the article said only 4% of people over 65 use a smart watch of any time.  In fact, I don’t believe it. Empirical evidence of just people I know indicates a wide usage of some sort of “smart watch” by people over 65 must higher than 4%.  

In the first place, how  do they really know the ages of people who buy “smart watches”?  (Probably an algorithm that gives a 4% chance any smart watch buyer is over 65!).

Anyway, the article was interesting about how the Apple watch is turning into almost a medical device, including able to detect and call for assistance if you fall, detect heart problems etc.  

Pace this morning was 23 seconds slower than my goal.  More than I like.  

The number at the top of this (the “13” at after the information on temperature etc) is the number of pounds of weight I am aiming to lose.  This is a “first stage” weight loss, but I wanted to set a goal which was realistic, but pushes me a little.  Actually, I weighed exactly the same this morning as the day Aliene and I got married.  I set the goal based on the midpoint of my weight now and the low-point for the past 18 years since I started keeping a sporadic account of my weight.  

That’s it for now,  Thursday, October 4, 2018. 





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