2018 Fall October 5 Friday

61 degrees this morning, no walk, 98% humidity

+15 weight

Coolish this morning, at least I assume, since I haven’t been outside yet.  A drop in temperature from the high 80’s yesterday, which is kind of expected this time of the year.  

Yesterday may have been the last day of sitting on the patio in the morning, although I noticed I have sat on the patio in cooler days this year, perhaps desperation!

Ending the biography of Robert Moses, about an hour left of the 66 hour audio book.  It has been an eye opener in a way.  Perhaps the biggest eye-opener is why I wasn’t aware of the book years ago, since it involved public administration and, perhaps more so, a prime example fo the abuse of public administration and the damages that can result from a lack of safeguards for the abuse of power. 

I think it pointed out again the dangers of “public/private partnerships” that so many public officials love to tout.  As I mentioned, I have seen the problem with it in the community I live.  Somehow, in many cases,  all of the benefit goes to the “private” part of the partnership!

I have seen successful such partnerships, but I can’t think of one right now!  

Perhaps my thinking has been tainted by the articles about the federal government awarding contracts (without bidding) where the private companies make “hundreds of millions” in profits!  “Hundreds of millions in profits?”.  I realize companies have to make profits, but….

Also while I realize it is fiction, in “The Wire” the federal government projects, especially housing projects etc., are referred to as “the big faucet” of money.  

Also, the biography points out the dangers of Public Authorities.  I have enough experience with Public Authorities to realize they have good points and are probably necessary, but it points out the dangers of Public Authorities gone wild.

Actually the main point of the biography on Robert Moses (that I saw anyway) was the focus by him on “power for power’s sake” and the groups that allowed this to happen including the news media, and engineers, architects, planners, unions, banks etc. that Moses basically “bribed” with fat profits to support his policies.  

Also the absolute danger of any executive becoming isolated from the public and not encouraging criticism and other opinions, or worse yet, “punishing the messenger” for telling the truth.

Back to walking, I was surprised to learn that “running socks” (actually “walking socks” for me) make a huge difference.  Since I have started using them on a regular basis, I can really tell the difference and I am not going back.

There is a difference in price with one pair of the “running socks” costing about the same as I used to pay for a pack of 8 or so regular socks.  I still use the regular socks for everyday use, but I only use exercise socks for walking etc.  

I’m not sure what the difference is, they are a lot thinner, but they are also a lot more comfortable.  I can also tell the difference between the “quality socks” that cost more and the cheaper ones.  

A case where “you get what you pay for!”.

That’s it for now, Friday, October 5, 2018.

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