2018 Fall October 6 Saturday

75 degrees this morning, walk 34:36 minutes 78% humidity 4,867 steps (iPhone)+15 lbs.

Walk this morning was good as far as the temperature, but the wind was higher than I expected.  One of my most disliked weather conditions is high wind, both for walking and bicycling.  Reasonably clear.

This may be the “warmest day” until next Spring, as one weather person put it.  Like I need the reminder!

I am very puzzled by the “steps” meters of the iPhone and the watch Activity app.  they both had the exact same mileage down to 3 decimals.  However, the iPhone had me at 4,867 steps and the Activity app. at 3,114 steps.  Something really weird about that.  I am going to call Apple and ask, after I look at the internet for an answer.  Maybe I need to calibrate my iPhone and/or watch app.  At least the distance was the same!

Apparently it is going to get cold and rainy fast today, probably by daylight it will be much cooler.  We’ll see.

Another weekend, the week went so fast again, it just flies.  

Noted this morning that my “new”walking shoes are just about at 50% of their expected lifespan (for my daily walking anyway, the lifespan for casual use is many years more!!)

One behavioral trait I have noted over the years is the tendency to become “owned” by my possessions.  For example, I am hanging onto things I got free, for goodness sakes!  

In a way it is good, since before I buy something, I really need to think if I will want to have the time hanging around for years, even it is cost a minimal amount or even is free!  

I decided to start using “My Fitness Pal” on a regular basis.  The last of many such resolutions to use it every day, but hopefully this time I will use it more.  

I feel it takes too much time to use the way it should be used (calculate the calories etc. of what you are eating before you eat it), butI think it will help some as far as keeping track what I eat and how much. 

More important, it will give me a visual picture of my progress in losing weight, exercises etc.  (Or lack of progress.)

I know they recommend you weigh only once a week or so, but I decided to weight daily and see a record of it.  My weight can fluctuate a lot in one day, but I figure a graph will smooth out the erratic weight changes.  

The lying coward lunatic and his band of pathetic congressional cowards probably feel they have “won” but, as with most pathetic bullies, I expect they will find victory isn’t what they expected.  As they say “what goes around comes around” and pathetic lying bullies have their comeuppance.  Bullies are always cowards and fall quickly when confronted 

Just about at the conclusion of the biography of Robert Moses.  Have 11 minutes left.   Actually i was going to finish it while I was writing this journal, but I forgot.  I do intend to finish it today, so I can start a new book tomorrow.

The Author seems to feel sorry for him.  Frankly, after the pain and suffering he created for thousands of residents who lost their houses, had high fees for roads, had literally hours  added to their commutes or couldn’t get public transportation  and weren’t treated right (you have to read it to believe it), I don’t feel a bit sorry for him when his comeuppance came.  He got a lot better than he deserved.  

This may be my last morning on the patio until next Spring.  One thing bout Life is you don’t know what happens until you look back and it has happened.  I think.

That’s it for now, Saturday, October 6, 2018.

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