2018 Fall October 7 Sunday

57 degrees this morning, no walk (rain), 88 % humidity.  

So far a very light rain, the weather app shows heavy rain in the area, probably depends wind etc. on whether it comes through here or not.  

75 degrees yesterday morning when I got up, as low as 57 later in the day, dropped by 64 degrees by 9:00 a.m!  Rain, not all that much.

Aliene got an Apple Watch yesterday (a birthday gift!), I think she is enjoying it and I know she will find it useful.  Just the ability to get messages etc. and talk on you watch is more valuable than you realize when you actually do it.  

The Apple Store is also so alive (from the number of customers) and there is always a vibrant air of excitement, I assume from the products.  

Recently read a Newsletter about how the “American dream” went out in the 1970’s, when the cultural feeling that each generation would be able to live better than the past ended.  

He blames “big government” and the expense of more taxes 

Personally, I feel the extremes are much wider (between the “have and have nots”,)  which I feel is created by other factors that “big government”, it is caused by bureaucracy both in government, business, religion and non-profits.  

Like in the biography of Robert Moses, a lot of them work today in a complex system to enrich themselves rather than actual serve their customers, whether the “customers” be voters, members, or persons who use the services and products.  

Something I need to think about some more.

Noting a dream I had last week.  Reading my notes, don’t note a lot, but it was powerful at the time I had the dream.

Dream 10-3-18

Dreamed on a trip.  We were staying with an area in  houses  Instead of one house, it seems like several houses.    It was kind of in the country and older houses.  We seemed to have a hard time finding a place to hang out clothes.  

Various relatives arrived, the usual relatives who attend our reunions and some who don’t.  I think all of my brothers and sisters were there as well as a number of relatives.  

This wasn’t a “family reunion”, it was just a “get together”.  

We all arrived and settled in and talking and decided to go somewhere to eat.

I rode with someone else since I didn’t know where it as.

It was actually one of the type of educational entertainment” facilities, a combination of museum, restaurant, educational and recreational exhibits that are always fun.  

Although I hadn’t been familiar with it when we started, somehow I was familiar with it when we got there and knew where things were etc.  

I will note some names etc. in a private record of the dream since I am not sure of the significant of some of the people who were in the dream.  

A very strong dream. 

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