2018 Fall October 8 Monday

71 degrees this morning,  Walk 34:57 minutes, 88% humidity 

Good walk this morning, a lot better than i thought it would be.  Some wind, but not bad.  Cloudy, rain expected later today.  

Pace was 22 seconds slower than my time goal.  At least I am basically keeping my goal  in sight! 

Started listening to a new book this morning, a “Great Course” on “Biology, the Science of Life”, obviously a bit different than the book I was just listening too.  (A biography of Robert Moses).  

It appears like it is interesting and well organized.   My problem with books like this is my mind tends to wander.  Not necessarily bad, I still learn a lot by listening to it and mentally reviewing what I have learned.  

In this case the Course also has a written summary of each chapter and i have found it helps to skim it before and after i listen to a chapter or “lecture” as they describe it.  

This course is 36 hours, so it likely will be my “listen to book” until about  Thanksgiving, maybe even Christmas, depending on the weather and how often i walk.  I do have it at 1.25 times speed to speed things up at little.  I’ve tried 1.5, which just doesn’t work for me.  A little too fast.

As I have mentioned before, I have had difficulty (if it is a “problem” or not depends on my perspective) “getting into” novels lately, actually ever since we have moved to this area.  I assume it has something to do with my work schedule.  

I always had a “problem” with “free time” because I had so much I wanted to do when I had  free time.  Some holidays, (maybe not literally but it seemed like it) I didn’t get anything done because I was trying to decide what to do!  

Anyway, I started reading the latest Stephen King novel, “the Outsider”.  Frankly, the synopsis didn’t really sound all that interesting and I have found I am either grabbed by a Stephen King novel and (almost literally) can’t put it down, or I am so bored, I fall asleep.

Well, this one grabbed me from the first page and I am reading it every chance I get.  I may be even able to get it back to the library without a fine!  

When I first started it, I was concerned about the length of the book (about 1.5 times an ‘ordinary” long novel).  

Now, I don’t want to finish it, even as I read it every chance I get, if that makes any sense.  He is a wonderful writer.  

His books are probably not books I would want to listen too, or even read in an e-book format, I want to hold the book in my hands and read it!

In regards to the so called “Supreme Court”, I think any court is only as valid as it is accepted b the people as fair and impartial.  Realizing that people are fallible, but any “Court” has to be viewed as fair and impartial.  

Obviously the current Supreme Court is far from “fair and impartial”, in fact it is nothing but the tool of lobbyists, donors and big business who make a lot of “donations” to politicians and I expect to the judges themselves.  

The Supreme Court has no armies , money or anything to enforce their arbitrary and capricious decisions.  I have decided I will not be bound by a Supreme Court that is not fair and impartial.  I doubt that anyone will care  how I feel, but at least I will feel better knowing I don’t follow their “decision”.   I don’t plan on breaking any laws, I just don’t recognize their decisions  

That’s it for now, Monday, October 8, 2018.

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