2018 Fall October 9 Tuesday


67 degrees this morning, no walk (heavy rain), 96 % humidity.14 lbs

Rain most of yesterday, off and on, got heavy last night and continued sporadically throughout the night, heavy at times. 

Obviously not sitting on the patio this morning, hope yesterday was not the last time for this season!  

One of the places I post this on is “Google+”.  If you follow it there, other areas I post are “blogger.com” and “RobertWherry.com“.  On “RobertWherry.com” you can request an an e-mail of each post.  

I’m not always sure why I write this every day, it has become a part of my day that I enjoy. As I mentioned before, I try to avoid it being a “rant” post, although if that is the way I feel, that is fine also!  

I read a review of a book about private prisons.  Apparently a writer for “Mother Jones” embedded in a private prison as a guard .  There are all kinds of horror stories of how “profit” is the main concern, as “cost cutting” allows escapes, rancid food and basically is a money machine for the company at the expense of inmates and service to the public, including using inmates basically as slave labor.  

What is even worse is they use their fat profits to lobby for “tougher” crime laws for more prison time so they can continue to gouge the public.  This type of behavior is almost unbelievable.    Of course the lying coated lunatic is falling for their obsequious behavior, as they kiss his butt which he loves and throws more tax $ at them.  

As someone mentioned, we are now governed by a lying coward pervert lunatic who lost by 3,000,000 votes but stole the election with the assistance of Russia, and a group of criminal cowards who represent less than 42% fo the United States. 

Probably in truth, we are governed by a few extremists donors and lobbyists who have learned rip off the government for huge sums of money and throw their money to the right place and now control the court system as well as congress and the lying coward lunatic  .  

We are listening to “Fear”.  Actually it is hard to listen to as your realize just how slimy and scummy and criminal the “people”  are who got the lying coward lunatic elected, with the help of money from extremist scum and unlimited money and foreign  governments.  

On another subject, watched some college football and MLB over the weekend.  What amazes me is how bad the sports announcers have gotten.  What happened to just trying to announce the game?  I really don’t care what they think.  We actually have muted some announcers and watched the games without any announcing, some of them are so bad. 

I’m not talking about “homers”, although I don’t think anything could be as bad as the Chicago White Sox announcer who use a coarse,  derogatory term, “he gone” when the opponents strike out etc.  We try to avoid him at all costs and hope he will be “gone” soon.  

Thank goodness today is an “office day”, since it is expected to rain all day.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, October 9, 2018.

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