2018 Fall October 10 Wednesday

51 degrees this morning, no walk, 88% humidity 

I thought there was still sporadic rain this morning, so I was mentally prepared to not walk.  By the time I realized it wasn’t raining, the 51 degree temperature kind of made my mind up.  Actually, I went out this morning and it really wasn’t that cold, so I will be mentally prepared tomorrow!

Also, Wednesday (most weeks) is the start of my “two Field Days in a row” of Wednesday and Thursday in the field.  I don’t mind Field Days, actually I like the variety of Field Days and Office Days, but it is difficult to keep up with the paperwork when I have two Field Days in a row. 

What is most efficient is one day in the field and one day in the office because you can keep up with the paperwork.

One true sign that the seasons have changed is turning the thermostat to “heat”!  Actually, this type of year is the toughest to maintain a decent temperature in the house and even the car considering I “live” in the car during the day 3 days per week!

While I really like the “Nest” thermostat, it doesn’t do a good job in this time of year.  Unless I just don’t know how to adjust it, there is too much of a spread between the “heat and cool” when you have the “heat/cool” mode on.  Probably need to call Nest on that!

Thinking this morning of how dependent we have become on “smart phones” and “digital assistants”.  Even we depend on the iPhone for our thermostat, security, communication, calendar, reminders, as a “memory dump” etc. among the numerous other things we use it for.

The “digital assistants” are also amazing.  We use just a very minor capacity of our “digital assistants”  (Amazon Echo and Google Now), but even then we depend on them for our shopping lists, reminders, timers, alarms, security, adjusting the thermostat etc. and that is just a start!  (As well as entertainment!)

I think a key weakness is, like electricity, these essentials are nothing if w don’t have access to wifi and the internet

I think it is dangerous to “assume” that someone will continue as it is.  Regarding “Google +” ceasing operations.  While it may be considered a “failure” by some, I like it and am sorry to see it disappear.  I am concerned about all of my information I have on Google + and how i am going to be able to save it, but I assume I will have an opportunity to save it in some manner.  

Considering our current “leadership” in the federal government and their tendency to use federal power to illegally  try to enrich themselves and push their opinion and curtail freedom of speech, the control of the federal government on electricity and the internet are really scary.  

Strange how the current leadership in the federal government was all for “States Rights” and now their attitude and actions have changed since they currently feel they have the power!  Ditto with the “federal deficit” which now has become a minor item so they can keep shoveling tax $ to their donors and lobbyists.  

That’s it for now,  Wednesday, October 10, 2018.

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