2018 Fall October 11, Thursday’

48 degrees this morning, walk 34:35 minutes, 83% humidity 

Coolish walk this morning, not quite as bad as I expected from the temperature, although there wasn’t any wind. No moon visible this morning.  

Pace was 11 seconds slower than my goal, which is within acceptable range.  I have about given up on lowering my goal pace, (since I rarely exceed it) but you never know.

Listening to a “Great Course” on biology.  It is always surprising to me at how little I know sometimes!  This is supposed to be a “biology course” for someone with absolutely no background in biology, which I guess fits me!

I always wonder if I am listening well enough, but when I follow-up and read the study guide, I find that I am apparently paying some attention anyway.  

A good Stephen King book (to me) is one that seems ordinary and then starts to slant over to the horror/fantasy aspect and you start buying in and thinking “this COULD happen!”.  To me that is what make his books so good.

An example is his book “It”, which had me checking the bathroom drains and “Christine” which had me looking at my car with suspicious eyes!  

this morning, for the first time that I can remember, I started getting the feeling during my walk that I was being watch by “something” during part of my walk.  A strange feeling to say the least, kind of waiting for a wolf or a strange animal or person to jump on you.  

Not a good feeling walking in the dark!

Anyway, then I remembered I am reading a Stephen King book, and I kind of relaxed.  Still….

I heard the ice machine in the refrigerator working this morning (which I rarely hear).  I was caught by surprise and thought at first something was wrong.

It made me think of the first time I ever called an “800” number for assistance with a product.  We had a problem with a refrigerator ice maker and called the “800” assistance number, which was a new concept at that time.

I was amazed when it worked and my problem was quickly resolved!  

My thoughts yesterday on how much we depend on the internet/wifi etc. yesterday made me think of that and how advanced product assistance is now.  

One thing I like about the “Apple” products are they have a store you can take them too and actually show someone and talk with someone about the problem you are having.  They also have an excellent support web page and a (usually) excellent phone support system, although I have gotten some clinker phone support people. 

I am now in the phase of the year where I just say “take it one day at a time” as I wait for Spring/Supper to arrive again!   

One thing I do enjoy about this time of year is the Holidays etc.  However once the holidays are past, there is a kind of “dead period” that starts and usually lasts until mid-late March when it becomes to warm up and Spring at least is “in the air”.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, October 11, 2018.  

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