2018 Fall October 12 Friday


51 degrees this morning, no walk (rain, again), 94% humidity 

Rain, again.  I knew it was coming in, but didn’t really expect it until later today.  Supposed to rain most of the weekend also. 

Suddenly realized yesterday that the elections are less than a month away.  It seems like the mid-term elections have been discussed so long, they almost seemed like some vague concept that would never get here.

Now they are almost here.  Hopefully they will be a resounding rejection of the lying, cowardly,  personal untrue attacks and divisive behavior of our current so called “leaders”.  As they say, “politics are local” so it will be hard to read too much into it.  

Friday is here, time for a weekend break!  Of course, it is supposed to rain this weekend!

Thinking more about the “private prisons” book.  It is a shame that we have come to the point where a group of companies actually lobby for harsh punishment so they can rip-off tax dollars and enrich themselves! 

It seems that any politician how takes this “blood money” would be immediately rejected by the voter as not worthy of office. 

What is almost worst was the recent articles about the organizations claiming to “rehabilitate” drug addicts etc.and  basically made slaves of them while enriching themselves.  

Along with the sudden realization that the mid-term elections are almost here, I realized that my decision on a new “smart phone” is in the near future also!  Actually, about the only decision I have to make is the color and how I plan on paying for it!

I was reading about the new Google phones, which appear to be good phones, but one thing I really like is the way I can enter something on my phone (or computer etc.) and it updates literally all of my devices, including my desktop computer, phones, iPad and Apple Watch without me having to do anything!  

Probably all of the phones are generally the  same, except for your personal preferences.

The new Apple Watch is truly amazing. Aliene got an Apple Watch for her birthday and is gradually adapting to it.  Apple offers short sessions on a large number of subjects, including the Apple Watch, and hopefully both of use can attend.  

As I have noted before, we only use a small capacity of our devices and I wish I had more opportunity to learn more how to use them!

That’s it for now, Friday, October 12, 2018.

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