2018 Fall September 13, 2019

49 degrees this morning, walk 35:14 minutes, 93% humidity 

+14 lbs

Temperature this morning was ok, no wind made it relatively nice.  No moon. Obviously I am not sitting on the patio this morning!  

Pace was a disappointing 39 seconds slower than my goal.  I was aware that my speed was’t great during the walk, but my primary purpose is’t my speed, so i don’t worry about it.  

I think my primary goal is simply to finish the walk and do it every day, or at last most days.  My other goals (and much less priority) are the pace and, somewhat of a higher priority than my pace is the opportunity to learn something new.  

Listening to a “Great Course” on biology.  I have never been good at math or biology etc. I”m still not.  I am picking up a few things. 

There was a lesson discussing how vaccines work and the research over the years.  Several years ago, Aliene and I got a “whooping cough” shot and immediately developed what we perceived as “whooping cough”.

Of course the Doctors office etc. insisted there was no relationship but we still feel we got whooping cough from the shot.  

However, listening to the details of how vaccine was developed, I can see a small instance where  we could (and did)  develop whooping cough from the shot. 

Something to do with the dead virus becoming “alive” when it is combined with the live virus that activates the dead virus.  Something like that.  I need to look more at it. 

Probably they are right, there is no way we could develop whopping cough from the shot, but …. I see where it could happen.

By chance, I am reading a book about vaccines and how the  failure to get shots in children can have an impact far larger than the number of children who aren’t vaccinated.  

I’m not really sure if I  understand  the workings of it, but if enough children (and it is a small number) do not get there shots, it basically negates the children who got the shot.

People who say there decision “only affects them” are obviously wrong.  “Boo Science” unfortunately affects everyone and could lead to a world health crisis.  

Hopefully I”ll have time to read the book and develop some sense of how it works.  I always think it is good when a situation like now (happen to be listening to a book on biology , while reading a book about vaccines.  

Without any planning on my part, this makes both of them more valuable!  


Weekend is here, as is a bunch of what one news item called “wacky weather”.  When I started my walk, I noted a lot of rain etc. coming in, but it was several hours away.  

That’s it for now, Saturday, October 13, 2018.

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