2018 Fall October 14 Sunday

52 degrees this morning, 100 % humidity

Rain most of the day yesterday, I am beginning to wonder if it will ever stop, which is normally when it stops and then it seems like it will never rain again!  

It has rained so much on Saturdays, they (whomever “they” are) moved the children’s soccer/flag football games to an indoor arena, which is actually a lot better for this time of year, although when it is nice outside you miss being outside.  

Pondering the concept of “vaccines” again and whether the number of people who for some reason don’t want their children vaccinated is going to lead to pandemics of smallpox, polio, plague etc. again.  

While even from my little experience of suspicion about the “whooping cough” shot I don’t believe I have ever really had or even know about an actual bad experience with a vaccine and I know a lot where it has helped.

I am old enough to remember when chicken pox, mumps and  measles were normal childhood diseases (before vaccines were common for them) and it wasn’t any fun and created a lot of problems.  

I actually only remember getting a light touch of chickenpox on my forehead, I vaguely remember having measles and I don’t think I ever got mumps.  

It is interesting to read (and listen to) how vaccines were developed and their impact on society of people who for whatever reason don’t have their children vaccinated. It raises the interesting question of the rights of adults (for whatever reason) who don’t protect their children and what happens if their beliefs harm the children and create extreme harm for society when an aggregate of adults act in that way.  

That raises all kinds of questions about ethics and the role of the individual and government in protecting society.  

Unfortunately, due to the juvenile lying coward lunatic and his perverted lying cowardly attacks on his “enemies”, it is becoming impossible to resolve any cultural or society problem without creating deep divisions.  

The lying coward lunatics behavior is spreading as his congressional cowards and local politicians and news media  follow his behavior.  Recently I noted that our states “elected representatives”  (the word “representative” doesn’t mean much any more as they cowardly kowtow to a lying perverted racist coward lunatic) are following his lying juvenile coward attacks. 

Most noticeable, both the our senators are unable to even “praise” anyone without a vicious cowedly  personal lying attack on the perceived “enemies” which they consider to be anyone who disagrees with them.

It appears that any honest disagreement anymore is a reason for a vicious, cowardly (usually by social media where a response is impossible) lying personal attack, usually blaming someone else for the failures of the coward making the attack.

Hopefully, like all extremist sadistic behavior, there will be a reaction against such behavior and it will stop being considered “normal” behavior but the sick, unethical behavior it really is.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, October 14, 2018.

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